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Billy Gosa

Billy Gosa

Member Since Jun 18th, 2006

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Does Arnold Really Think He Can Get Maria Back?

Jun 8th 2011 9:25PM Arnold is a damn fool

Patricia Kluge: Billionaire's Ex-Wife Faces Foreclosure

Jan 25th 2011 10:29AM This women sincerely does not know how to handle money & in reality don't need any.

Fat vs. Obese: Which Is Worse?

Aug 11th 2010 7:40PM How about LARD ASS

Most Dangerous Honeymoon Locations

Jun 29th 2010 9:13AM You couldn't hog tie me and throw me on one of these damn dangerious islands.

Neighbors from hell: 12 annoying stories from right next door

Jun 28th 2010 12:05PM We have nieghbors that are pot heads and live in a three bed room one bath home and they are multi family about a dozen people altogether. They began trying to force there selves on me until I holstered my 44 magnum buck line and walked out. Suddenly things got back in order. BTW it's registered and I have a licence to carry.

Al Roker: Dying Dad's Wish Made Me Lose Weight

Jun 7th 2010 9:18PM Al needs to get off the idiot saying! Now what's happening in your neck of the woods> What woods there are none or very few and another saying IS SUNDAY> SUNSAY>> horse shit I say??

Turbo Snake: a money drain, not a plumbing solution

Jun 6th 2010 7:32AM The best and the fastest drain cleaner I've experienced is red devil lie. It will desolve any thing in the drain and do it quick. Hair, cloth, plastic, etc,etc

Public's Attitude Hardens on Illegal Immigrants

May 26th 2010 7:53PM The border crossing of illegals should have been stopped years ago.

Will Sarah Palin Endorse Jane Norton? Colorado GOP Holds Its Breath

May 21st 2010 8:07PM I wouldn't vote for Palin if she was the only women on earth> republican or democrat


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