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Michael Saunby

Michael Saunby

Member Since May 10th, 2008

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Make a talking MSP430 microcontroller - part 3

May 12th 2008 4:56AM Ian, I tried to write 64 byte chunks to a micro SD card and had no luck. I can read small chunks but writing anything other 512 bytes gives an error with my cards. Since I got these 1GB cards for very little (£3) I've decided to write 64 bytes to each 512 sector, makes usable size of the card 125 MB, which is fine for my needs.

Make a singing MSP430 microcontroller - part 5

May 10th 2008 3:09PM I've just started building this project, or at least something based on it. My work around for the SD flash holder was to buy a micro SD card with a SD adapter and solder 0.1" spaced pins to the gold contacts (1 to 7) of the adapter.


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