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Home Ec: How to Remove Dye-Based Stains

May 26th 2010 10:38PM This is one time I disagree with the professional dry cleaner. Sorry....but....
I am an architect have over many years had the misfortune of sticking many pens in my dress shirt pockets at the the office. It is a variation on Dee's recommendation- just adds another step or 2. As soon as i got home that evening, I would stuff the shirt pocket down the lavatory drain an inch or two - kind of like a coffee sieve-- and liberally pour alcohol on it and let it sit. Let it sit for an hour or several hours, but keep damp. Repeat as necessary. When you pull the shirt out don't worry. You WILL gasp since the ink has spread out over a much larger area. Treat again if you are unsure. THEN..I will spray with Spray-and-Wash (others may work but this is what has worked 20 times for me), then immediately launder. When the shirt comes out of the washing machine in likelihood the stain will be gone, except for some residue down in the stitching inside the shirt pocket. Do not dry until you are satisfied, but repeat the procedure if necessary. Send through the dryer and 95% of the time it will come out very, very good. If not, sorry to say, retire the shirt to a yard work or shop work shirt.

Comebacks we'd like to see: #18 -- Train travel

May 16th 2008 7:47AM Train travel make a lot of sense for the short-intermediate haul trip, especially out here in the Great Plains (where we don't have trains...grrr) of 250-400 miles or so..those trips where it is too far to drive (especially now at $3.60 a gallon or more) and too near to fly. Have you ever really calculated how much time you save on those "short hops" by the time you get to and from the airport, thru security, wait, wait, wait...? You don't. Pleeeeeease- give me a train! They were great.


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