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Danger! Ann Coulter on Mobs, Palin and Being Ignored

Jun 25th 2011 9:42AM I can't stand the b8tch! She looks like a horse and makes money off the stupid Christian right.....Go away Ann!

Say Aloha To Reyn Spooner for Opening Ceremony

Jun 23rd 2011 1:27AM Reyn Spooner is Top Drawer!

Walmart, Target 'Small Box' Stores to Compete with Small Businesses

Jun 18th 2011 11:08AM Ok, I for one would never go to a Walmart (never been inside one) and raely enter a Target (French Company).....So, if you shop at either one you are supporting China and France, not the greatest idea!

Charlie Sheen Mocks 'Sweetheart' Ashton Kutcher

May 13th 2011 7:03PM Funny how he and his father hide that they are of Mexican descent!

How Much Do Celebs Make on 'Dancing With the Stars'?

May 5th 2011 1:12AM I have never watched, but none of them are stars....LOL! At best a few are has beens if that!

Alex Pettyfer Talks Crotch Tattoos, Hatred of L.A. in Rant-Filled Interview

May 1st 2011 7:51PM I live a block off the beach in the OC and it is perfection! A native of the area and I never had AC and never have needed it!

Alex Pettyfer Talks Crotch Tattoos, Hatred of L.A. in Rant-Filled Interview

May 1st 2011 7:24PM Who the hell is he....never have heard of him.....LOL!

Justin Timberlake: Friends With Benefits Concept Is a 'Bad Idea' in Reality

Apr 28th 2011 10:51AM I thought Timberlake was a self confessed homosexual.....

Did Ryan Phillippe Announce His Retirement From Acting?

Apr 25th 2011 3:33PM I have never heard of the guy.....who the hell is he?

Lindsay Lohan Feels She's Being Punished Because She's a Star

Apr 25th 2011 3:29PM She's a star? I think of her as a childhood actor that is a has been.....Lindsey get your head out of the sand, no one wants the liability of employing you. Time to look for a job as a bartender or waitress!


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