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5 Qs/5 Mins: Patricia Lanza, author of Lasagna Gardening

Nov 2nd 2009 10:07AM suekoopman, to answer your question (because Ms Lanza won't, we've posted this question to her dozens of times), NO, it won't work. Believe me, we've tried every trick in the book. If you want to lasagna garden over bermuda, you have to kill it first. After many failed attempts to do it per her instructions (wet paper, cardboard), the only thing we found to work was to first kill the Bermuda with Roundup while it's actively growing, and hot outside. Then spray it again after a few weeks, just in case any of it is thinking of returning from the dead. THEN, till the whole area under and remove by hand every stinking rhisome you can find. Leave no trace of that mess behind. THEN, cover the base of the bed with weed barrier cloth. Then put your paper, peat, leaves, etc on top of that.

Even doing that, we've had some bermuda manage to creep in, work it's way through 2 layers of weed barrier cloth, and reappear at the top of a 2 ft deep bed.


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