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Airplane Engine Covering Falls Off During Takeoff (VIDEO)

May 23rd 2012 10:08PM Like the previous poster noted, your car can drive without a hood as long there is no excess moisture. The cowling covers are more for aerodynamic purposes

Melanie Brown Shows Off Baby Bump in Sleek Dress

Mar 29th 2011 10:19PM idiot why did you click on the article for if you don't care. There I gave you some attention that your pitiful life desires.

10 Creative Uses for Magnets

Apr 20th 2010 12:29PM Now why did you have to go and say that. Cause I know one idiot will try that at home befor the day is out. I know about this because I've seen the TV repairman do it at the house when I was younger. I think that only works on the older TV's with the tubes and not plasma or LCD, I'm not sure

Galley Gossip: Flight Attendant Pet Peeve #1: Answer please!

Jun 6th 2008 3:15PM You are a man after my own heart.


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