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Apple: MobileMe transition taking longer than expected

Jul 11th 2008 11:35AM Kurt said...
I'm attempting to upgrade my old iphone to the new 2.0 software and iTunes is telling me the store is down, leaving my phone bricked- anyone know what's going on? It needs to connect to the store to install the update? Are you kidding me?

Same thing happened to me. I went away, left the phone connected to the computer, and ten minutes later it still said "error connecting to iTunes store". I unplugged it and it was in emergency only mode. Repeated, left it plugged for longer, saw the same error, but when I unplugged this time it said that the phone was activated. Seems to work fine, except when I plug into the computer the phone shows up in the source list of iTunes but the right hand panel is blank and the status at top says "connecting to iTunes store" but it never does. I downloaded Remote and by right clicking on the phone in the source list I could choose sync and the app went onto the phone (Remote is wonderful by the way).

I still cannot get SW update to give me the OS update for mobile me, so I cannot try any of the new push stuff. Has everybody else gotten the SW update?

BAD project idea: cell phone popcorn

Jun 24th 2008 7:30PM It is NOT "radioactivity". Microwaves are radiation which is lower in energy than visible light. They do NOT cause cancer. They do not disrupt chemical bonds. They are non-ionizing radiation. Exposure of tissue to microwaves simply cooks the tissue just as exposure to the coil on a stove cooks the tissue. The wikipedia article on microwaves is essentially correct. Perhaps you should read it.


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