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More Young Couples Say 'I Do' to Buying a Home Before Marriage

Apr 21st 2013 1:35PM My sister did this, but as my sister and I are quite different...I don't agree that in the action of buying a house together BEFORE you are married is considered to be a GOOD thing. It should be as either party living on their own first, and if the man owns a house and has been courting someone for quite sometime, he will have the choice in inviting the partner to come live with him or vice versa. This will lead to less legality conflicts as for ownership of assets, etc.. Cohabiting seems to be a big thing lately, but ONLY BECAUSE of the UPHEAVEL in infidelities and the regular showing of how thousands of relationships are not lasting. There are a lot of (those who are wise and smart, paying attention to what and why matters in relationships are not lasting or secure)who would choose the road of Cohabiting for a while and 'see how it goes' than permanently to legally and announcing to the world that you are officially married...(this is when IMO, the relationship gets really UGLY).

Pop Singer Psy to Live in (Gangnam) Style in Los Angeles

Jan 4th 2013 9:31AM Now that he has bought a house in Los Angeles, I hope to does not make any more "White Yankee comments" that is quite rude and disrespectful, especially when someone does not understand cultures and the whys other races behave the way they do.

Hamptons Eco-Home Was Made Using 6 Shipping Containers (VIDEO)

Jul 26th 2012 3:34PM Not by a beach, but more in natural environment areas that have trails or parks that are nearby the city would be better. The architectural idea is creative, as was ealier discussed(last year?)about craters, to even recyling sections of airplanes turned into a house...

Homeless Man Robert Downs' Camouflaged Shack Shielded Him From Authorities for Months, Police Say

Jul 22nd 2012 4:04AM All the important to money hoarding embodiment in business: Government, Oil Industry, Corporations, Banks, to Credit Card Businesses as well as the upper 10% and the 2%; if they would only practice what they preach about being job creative to also improving wages, people such as this persons, would not be found homeless to even stuck living out in the streets, as even many military men are remaining to the rest which the (IMO) the permanently wealthy Ascended are 100% responsible in why many financial concerns DO NOT IMPROVE FOR THE BETTER. These beings are not only very unreliable in the hopes of changes for the better for a lot more people other than the upper 10 and 2% of income earners, but are the Faux Pas of promises to the 'way' of a better future.

What Goes On At Sea World At Night?

Jun 13th 2012 7:15AM I used to work for SeaWorldin San Diego back in 2004 for a short time; the job was not what I expected to be more of. It was good exposure as for being around the animals which I liked, but the TFC(top of the food chain creatures...) another story all in itself as I was working in 'sales'.

Tennessee Home Burns as Firefighters Watch

Dec 7th 2011 9:54AM Goes to prove what I personally know ECHELON and their GREAT IT only care about first; MONEY, this is not a GOD as yet they believe they are in secret. Echelon are 100% not the God I worship or serve due to their ongoing Ill-willed behaviors, conduct, and other factors to why there is a very noticeable LINE between Upper Classes and Lower ranked Classes everywhere around this planet.

Teenager Builds 130-Square-Foot House for College

Aug 30th 2011 12:20PM Good for him; I hope he continues to make good decisions. It is a struggle among the generational gaps among children and their parents. I have my own experiences that I would love to share as still yet HAVING TO LIVE WITH PARENTS, but will not do so out of the courtesy for my own mother and father. As for simple understanding, it is absolutely no fun living with mother and father, especially if you are a person who has a multitude of would like to accomplish and a Father who only wants you to continue to pay him and take care of all of his own selfish needs.

Double Take | Kim Kardashian vs. Melissa Molinaro

Jul 20th 2011 8:58PM I agree with your comment, I too was going to say; "What's the matter don't you have enough money to begin with, and now you are only looking to get more?" Talk about being greedy!!" Until I saw your comment thinking; Oh well, someone beat me to it-kudos. :)

'Style Guy' Glenn O'Brien Talks Fashion, Art, Music and Andy Warhol

May 25th 2011 11:52AM Men don't have to look feminine even those who like 'color'. It is simply a matter of picking the right attire for your body shape(as well as mixing it in with your kind of lifestyle, but as I say; only upgraded for the better-LOL!) to also complimenting a the man's skin tones. I learned this back in the 80's(yet applied for woman; but I ask where is the differenc as for concept when it comes to the genders??) when I took Personal enhancement courses at John Robert Powers as well as John Cassablancas. The problem with High Fashion is simply as the HUGE gap between White Collar(and finding nothing in between)then heavily dropping into Poverty; are the PRICE of their clothing line!!!! High Class citizens really rack up the EXPENSES when it comes to ACCOUNTING and checking their books per say...

David Cook Says New Album Was Therapy for Brother's Death, Explains Why 'Idol' Doesn't Need Simon Cowell

Apr 30th 2011 11:19AM He reminds me a lot of Scott Stapp style of singing. He should consider asking to do something with him and see what they can come up with as for a duo song.


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