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5 Shortcuts to a Perfect Lawn

May 29th 2010 9:45AM I fertilize in the spring with a weed, and feed which gives me a good lawn all summer long except for the hot rainless periods. There is one thing that is not mentioned, and that is the type of soil a person has. We have a sandy type soil, and it has taken years to build up to what we have now. We bag all our cuttings, and put them in a compost site, and they are tilled into the garden area in the following spring. It is every ones doing to get a good lawn. It depends on where you live, and like I said the type of soil. There are many other things, but I think this is enough to make each of you to read this, and try your own ways of doing your lawn.

A flushing tax? You've got to be kidding

Feb 20th 2009 9:22AM This is from the great state of Iowa. We have been paying a feefor all my life, and I am 74 years old. It is based on how much water comes trough our meter. We also have to pay for storm sewers. We pay for everything even the ink it uses to print the bill. Even if we never used the toilet we would still be charged for the use of the sewer. After the great flood of 2008 they are still trying to find ways to tax us more, and they want those who didnt get flooded to pay for thr ones that lost everything. They even want to ,make them pay for for the city to mow their lawns. They have to pay for two homes while trying to get in line at the soup kitchen. You think you have it bad just go to some flood ravaged or diaster place and see how you fare out.


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