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Home Depot Slammed for $20 Million

May 14th 2010 1:05AM Martha StewTwat didn't do anything wrong. She got lynched by the corrupt system of capitalist injustice. She did nothing. We are supposed to have some freedom of speech without being lynched and going to jail..

Chuck Schumer: Defender of Women's Rights, Insulter of Actual Woman

Dec 17th 2009 10:56PM What a person mutters under his/her breatth when being advised something mean absolutely NOTHING, NADA, ZERO, ZILCH about their advocacy or other goals. People ar just human and everybody does that.

Once High on Tiger Woods, Public Is Now Split in Its View of Him

Dec 15th 2009 4:28AM I would never buy anything pitched by someone anyway. Why pay extre fort some talking head idiot. Anything pitched ny Mistah SuperKNeeeegro I would also avoid buying anyway, even before this whole thing. Advertisers are STUPID. And he's not a man, more a Kneeeeeeeegro.

Tiger Wisely Chooses Family Over Golf

Dec 13th 2009 11:28AM Time to quit beating up on the monkeyshines and I just wish you airheads would realize its never a good idea to mix races in a family and against the word of God.

Tiger's Tale, Day 10: How Gothic Can It Get?

Dec 13th 2009 4:29AM Just string him up and be done with it.

Physics Book Found in Tiger's SUV Surges in Popularity

Dec 12th 2009 11:15PM Woods must've picked up a hitchhiker and cannibalized him, leaving the book behind. Send Sherlock out.

Tiger Wisely Chooses Family Over Golf

Dec 12th 2009 8:45PM And you cannot compare a little yard ape to our Blessed Saviour of a President we have, thew one who walks on water. It's not about color.

Tiger Wisely Chooses Family Over Golf

Dec 12th 2009 8:43PM Porch monkey yard apes do not belong in this position and if the ex wife is smart she will have him stuffed and hung over the fireplace minus the antlers.

Tiger Cancels Police Interview Again

Nov 29th 2009 2:45PM The headline that would've made my day is that they found him accidentally swinging from a tree, and NO I'm not the least bit prejudiced, but it's ridiculous with all the regular people squeaking by day to day in America they give this YARD APE millions to go around marrying outside his race and live like a king of the jungle. The sports industries are just as much to blame for this ridiculous system of jigaboo worship.

Tiger Cancels Police Interview Again

Nov 29th 2009 2:36PM Too bad she didn't beat him into permanent unconciousness or the investigating animal control officers didn't have to euthanize the ape.


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