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Irene F. Mazur

Irene F. Mazur

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Secondhand Smoke in Apartment Buildings: Can You Make Your Neighbor Stop Puffing Inside?

Dec 23rd 2012 9:42PM I live in an apartment building where every tenant's lease says that "cooking on barbecue grills, habachis, fireplaces, on balconies, patios or anywhere outside of the kitchen area is expressly forbidden." The lease says nothing about requiring the landlord's written consent because they cannot give consent to their tenants to violate fire codes on their property any more than they can give tenants permission to commit first-degree murder on their property. A number of the tenants seem to think that this rule applies to everyone EXCEPT THEM. They make it impossible for anyone else to have a window or door open during the warm weather. They keep their own patio/balcony doors closed to keep out the smoke, then fire up their grills and the smoke and stench permeate everyone else's apartments through open doors and windows. By the time you close up your windows and doors in the summer, the stench is already in your own apartment. Just because they think their own barbecue smoke smells good doesn't mean the neighbors want to smell it. Give me cigarette smoke any day!

Kodiak Bear Waves Hello

Dec 14th 2011 12:05PM Don't forget to keep your distance from herds of deer you may see in or near the woods. If a deer feels threatened, that serene, gentle-looking Bambi could morph into Bambo faster than you could run away.

Bringing Novelty Gum to School Could Get Student Expelled

Jun 13th 2011 3:55PM So what if it isn't a gun or a knife? It's a deadly weapon if used on anyone with a heart condition or a pacemaker. Not everyone knows at that age whether or not they have a congenital heart condition, as signs often don't show up until later in life. I have no sympathy for this kid. He brought the gum to school intending the consequences to fall on everyone except him. Let him find out the hard way, if need be, that there are consequences for his actions, and HE is the one who is going to face them.

Santa Monica Latest City to Fight to Get Circumcision Ban on Ballot

Jun 6th 2011 4:32PM "Oh, boy...a federal crime to if we don't already have overloaded prisons, now these nuts are looking to make a five thousand-plus-year-old practice a crime!!" How are they going to prosecute violation of this ban? Will they have the Penis Police checking every male? I can just imagine every Post Office wall lined with "Wanted" posters asking, "Have you seen this prick?"

Santa Monica Latest City to Fight to Get Circumcision Ban on Ballot

Jun 6th 2011 3:20PM If they want to ban circumcision on males, perhaps they found out that doctors were throwing away the best part of them.

Santa Monica Latest City to Fight to Get Circumcision Ban on Ballot

Jun 6th 2011 3:07PM If they call circumcision "genital mutilation," because it is performed on males, what is their definition for an episiotomy?

Public Pools Closing Across Country As Cities Struggle With Budget Cuts

May 31st 2011 10:46PM It's called the "Little Red Hen Syndrome." Everyone wants to help eat the bread, but no one wants to help do the work of preparing and baking it!

Dick Van Dyke Hates Reality TV, Agrees His 'Poppins' Accent Was Lousy

May 7th 2011 11:34AM What bad habits of your own are you working on? Don't tell me you don't have ANY.

Police Use Pepper Spray to Subdue 8-Year-Old at School

Apr 6th 2011 5:13PM "Eliott tells the news show her son's violent behavior occurs only at school, but that Aidan has not been diagnosed with any disorder. She says she would like to see police training, for officers dealing with similar situations." What kind of behavioral training is she giving this bothersome brat? I have no sympathy for him.

George Lopez Apologizes to Kirstie Alley on Twitter

Mar 25th 2011 3:26PM George Lopez should pack up his low-rider and head back to Mexico. At least Kirstie Alley has the courage to go on DWTS and she did a great job! You rock, Kirstie! I loved your performance in "Shoot to Kill!"


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