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New Flood Insurance Rates Leave Homeowners With Sticker Shock

Jul 17th 2013 2:07AM Now is a good opportunity for some folks to sell, and move to a less problematic area so far as flooding. We could use some more businesses and homeowners in southern Maryland - especially Charles County. Flooding? Not in our neighborhood, nor most of the surrounding ones. We're about 30 minutes to an hour from beaches on the Chesapeake Bay for swimming and fishing. About 30 minutes from Washington D.C. Lots of wildlife being the region houses a wetlands. The region is family-friendly.

N.J. Couple Face Fine for Bird Feeder

Jun 27th 2013 3:11AM They should move to southern Maryland. Everyone here is a nature lover. NJ is obviously nature haters.

Port Orange HOA Tells Residents Yard Statues Aren't Allowed

Apr 6th 2013 1:44PM Our homeowners association has allowed the expansion of certain types of rules so far as yard restrictions to change over the years as availability of certain materials (now folks can have vinyl fencing instead of just wood, local and state government restrictions have been put in place (drought resulted in watering restrictions so the whole green yard thing went out the window in the middle of hot summers), and when we moved in a few houses had benches in their front yards. Now a lot more houses have benches and yard statuary in place in the yards, on porticos, on porches, and on mailboxes. Our homeowners association can barely get any volunteers to serve on the landscaping committee to drive around and assess yards, and no one wants to be labeled as a "hater". The only real problems we've seen is after a hailstorme did a lot of damage and some folks came up with some fairly radical bright color schemes. That is also what resulted in our house's exterior changing from blue and white to green and brown. HOA had no problem with it.

Gun Owner Sean Blakley Says Landlord Is Evicting Him Over Firearms

Mar 16th 2013 10:58PM I don't know what the video shows, but the end of the article says:


Should a landlord trust a guy who keeps a loaded gun for his own protection, who owes the landlord money, and says he isn't going to be forced to move out?


14 Worst Housing Markets for the Next 5 Years

Mar 10th 2013 8:51PM The markets shown are showing a disconnect in realizing that none of the houses priced as "median" are worth the money being asked for them as the cost of living has decreased while keeping inflated real estate values. Real estate is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. Sooner or later median home prices in those markets will fall, because they can't be sold for the prices asked.

Just because someone thinks their property is worth three or four times the income of what the average worker makes - doesn't mean that someone should feel obligated to value it or pay that price for it. I see the same thing taking place on Ebay where some sellers will price their items much higher than others asking a much lower price for the exact same item.

Just because a region has a lower median income that the national average,- doesn't mean they are suffering if the overall cost of living is cheaper n that region due to the environment which includes climate (cheaper utility prices due to cheaper power), availability of the food at reasonable prices or that it is a gardening community, and other factors.

Photographer Thomas Jorion's 'Forgotten Palaces' Capture Ghosts of Once-Beautiful Structures

Mar 10th 2013 8:32PM I will never understand why European Jews fled in droves to Palestine to turn it into Israel instead of staying in Europe and claiming properties like those shown by turning them into hotels for justice seeking to reclaim their places in European society. You move, you lose, and Israel is one losing nation. Whoever had the ability and clout to claim these properties and turn them around are going to be the real winners.

NASA Tells Us Why The World Won't End With The Mayan Calendar Next Week

Dec 16th 2012 11:34PM Sounds like the Mayan Calendar works similar to the Julian Date Perpetual Calendar that the military sometimes uses for certain types of projects, vs. the Gregorian calendar with which most Americans are familiar on a daily basis.

Reverse Mortgages Pose Big Risks for Seniors, Warn Attorneys and U.S. Officials

Dec 9th 2012 6:13PM For those who claim that they can't sell a house for the amount that it has been appraised - folks can still make money if they sell a house for more than they originally paid for it. If grandma lived in a house for almost 30 to 50 years - she never paid today's appraisal value for that original house. She is still money in the bank as long as she sells it for more than originally paid for it.

Any property is only worth what some is willing to pay for it - not what it is appraised at for tax purposes.

Our current house has been appraised at $250K. We purchased it for $164K. Even if we were to ever sell it for $200K - we are still making a profit.

We sold one house in Nebraska for $72K in 1994 that we originally payed $50K in 1986. We made a profit. Nowadays, that house probably appraises for more, but if you look at its actual net worth of what someone would or should pay for a dwelling that is 40+ years old and has had some structural issues and upkeep work - then you have to value it at a fair market price to sell it in this economy.

Just because property appraises at a certain value - more goes into price consideration when purchaseing than selling by some buyers = age, how much work to maintain it (raking leaves, mowing, pool maintenance, etc.), type of fuel to run its utilities, location (flood plain or beach - problems with flooding), hillside - icey winter roads, etc.), location to necessities (groceries, medical care, public transportation, schools, entertainment, etc.), and other issues. No home is a bargain unless it is what you really want to take on.

Reverse Mortgages Pose Big Risks for Seniors, Warn Attorneys and U.S. Officials

Dec 9th 2012 1:00AM I would never sign up for a reverse mortgage when I could sell a house outright, stash the money in a bank, and buy some place smaller and cheaper to live. It is just stupid to pulll equity out of a house when you can reclaim it through selling it yourself and use that money to make you more money.

Mack Reed Finds $175,000 Marijuana Stash Under His Hot Tub in Los Angeles

Dec 9th 2012 12:55AM Never in my life would I ever leave the word "Sorry" on a message to someone who had the audacity to trespass on my private property to stash illegal drugs.

I would have posted something like "You are so busted if you ever trespass on this property again to stash your trash. Law enforcement is just waiting for you to rear your ugly head. Go ahead and make their day!"


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