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Inspired By HGTV's Design Star: Rug-Covered Ottoman

Aug 20th 2010 9:17PM I have to say that I was shocked when the judges called out this "piece of work" as something impressive. I think it is hideous. Simply because something is repurposed does not make it brilliant or a good idea in the first place. Finding a glass top coffee table and using this textile beneath the glass would be a far more attractive final product and a better way of showcasing the textile design itself. As for this project, pure rubbish.

Jon and Kate - Are they good enough parents for TV?

Aug 1st 2008 2:08PM How can anyone claim to know enough about Kate from watching and edited television show.

It's clear that Jon and Kate plus 8 has its cast of characters and the editing makes sure that it stays that way.

Spend a few days in her shoes, and his, and then pass judgment, in the meantime, remember, it's a television show, not a hidden camera documentary.


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