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Hotel And Event Hosts Sued By Family Of Girl Killed Sliding Down A Banister

Jul 28th 2012 10:17AM Actually, if she was drunk, the bartenders ARE legally responsible to stop serving her further. I believe most states have this law. I know Illinois (where it took place) does.

Hotel And Event Hosts Sued By Family Of Girl Killed Sliding Down A Banister

Jul 28th 2012 10:13AM Although I don't agree with this lawsuit, it goes along the same lines as an establishment (or an individual) who continues serving drinks to someone who is obviously intoxicated and drives a car and gets killed. They ARE responsible. (I don't, however, agree with this law either. People should be responsible for their own actions.) My question is, what was her blood alcohol level? If she was indeed legally drunk then, yes, whomever was serving her more alcohol is legally responsible.

Karen Perry Loses Three Kids, Ex-Husband and Now Home?

Feb 1st 2012 1:46PM I can't imagine how devastating that must have been to lose her family like that but I also can't understand why she would have to hang on to a 4-bedroom house either. I think, considering the circumstances, it would be better for her to get out of there and try to start rebuilding her life anew. And move into a place more suited to one person.

How to Calm Your Fearful Dog

Jan 25th 2012 9:26AM "NO!" comes to mind. A dog will only do what you allow.

How to Calm Your Fearful Dog

Jan 25th 2012 9:22AM You're right and it so hard to not try to comfort them. My dogs are deathly afraid of fireworks (but, oddly enough, pay no attention to thunder storms and we have some dillies here in S.Florida). They just don't know what they want. They'll jump on my lap but then want to get down. Try to get behind the couch and then come back out. They pant and pace. I tried the thunder shirt concept but it didn't make any difference. I feel so badly for them that I can't help. New Year's Eve and July 4th are two nights we just have to "tough it out."

Strolling through the airport just got more exciting with the new musical floor

Jan 14th 2012 1:57PM OMG! That is SOOOOO annoying. Better to put a keyboard (as in "Big) than this.

Tiny Kitten Stands Up to Barking Rottweiler

Dec 23rd 2011 9:39AM I wouldn't worry about that kitten. In a fight between a dog and cat, unless the dog just happens to get in a lucky grab, I'll bet on the cat every time. No dog wants his nose swiped with sharp claws and they know instinctively what can happen to them.

Latest Crave-Worthy Lingerie & Shapewear

Sep 27th 2011 1:12PM Yeah, but they show this stuff on skinny models who probably don't have an ounce of anything to "contain." When you've got fat it has to go somewhere and it usually pops out above or below the garment in the form of various types of muffin tops.

Here Comes the Bride | Winning Toilet Paper Wedding Gown Announced [Photos]

Jul 8th 2011 2:54PM When I was in first grade my mom made me a dress out of newspapers. I guess she was way ahead of her time. I loved all of them but thought #3 was the best also. Very clever.

'The Biggest Loser' Star Jillian Michaels Adopting a Baby From the Congo

May 11th 2011 12:55PM You are missing the fact that it is extremely difficult to adopt in the US. There are more potential parents than there are babies and most everyone wants a baby. Older children are harder to adopt. I know several people who have adopted from other countries just because it's cheaper and quicker and less red tape.


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