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O.J. Simpson Reportedly Beaten Badly in Prison Fight

Feb 15th 2011 9:50PM Who can honestly feel sorry for this guy? If he got his arse kicked every day while in prison would be great!

At 48, Herschel Walker Says He's 'Still a Young Fighter, Still Getting Better'

Jan 30th 2011 1:44PM Good Lord ... it's not like he fought someone of stature in this sport. He fought a NOBODY and won. He's in good shape for his age, no doubt. So the highlights of his career in MMA will be to fight novices / non ranked - nobodies? BFD ...

My Grandson's Meltdowns Are Wearing Us Out!

Jan 18th 2011 6:19PM Frustrated Grandma ... parents today give their children to much power in decision making w/ little to no household rules. Do you want to do this? Or do you want to do that? Instead, we're going to such and such place, or we are going to do this today. Set rules when very young and when the child reach's 7 - 8 you ease them in some of the decision making and not before.
Naturally the child is going to act out when Mom or Dad want to take his power away by saying no, not now, etc. I've noticed this with my own children / grandchildren raising their own. When I talk to them about how they are raising their youngersters they make excuses for their childs behavior ... so, I give my dog a toy and then reach down and take it back and pat him on the head. I give it back to him again and then, I hesitate with my hand in taking it back and now he thinks he has the power and snarls and won't let me touch it. I said, see I just gave him all the power - just like you do with your children.
Children need an abundance of love, patients and family unity. Without structure & rules, you'll have a child who acts up to get his way and grows into adulthood thinking the world revolves around him!

The Daily Fix: Get Rid of Fruit Flies

Jul 22nd 2010 5:59PM Love your humor Jerry .... :o)

Jon Gosselin Debuts New Dragon Tattoo on His Back

Jul 2nd 2010 10:34AM Forget the tattoo Jon, you need some serious hair plugs!

Ex-WWE Star Batista Hasn't Signed With Strikeforce

Jun 22nd 2010 11:24PM LMAO ... Batista going MMA? He has as much of a chance as a snowball in hell. HE'S TO OLD TO VENTURE INTO THIS FIELD!

Help! My Sister's Wild Kids Are Coming to Visit!

Jun 18th 2010 11:50PM I have a suggestion for Already Annoyed ... go out and buy some cheap arts and crafts, coloring books, stickers etc., they have numerous things at the 99 cent / dollar stores. Set up a card table or use your dinning table. Keep the children busy while they are indoors. Have them give you a hand setting the table and clearing it when the meal is done. Go out and buy a couple of movies suitable for their age and reward them at the end of the day (if they earned it by cleaning up the days mess) with a movie and some popcorn. It really doesn't have to be a nightmare if you keep them occupied and go over your household rules early on. Those who don't follow your rules don't get to watch the movie with the rest of the children and so on. Tell your sister, you need her to support your rules because you don't want to send your children a message that it's okay for her children to come into their home and not obey the rules of the house. Sister's should be able to talk honestly and openly with one another and if you can't ... I don't believe its the children that are the problem, but "the relationship" between two sisters that needs to be fixed.

Help! My Sister's Wild Kids Are Coming to Visit!

Jun 18th 2010 7:53PM I have (3) adorable great grandchildren who are perfect angels at my house, but not at theirs. I set the rules early on. Indoor voices only, no running in the house, no touching eachother unless its a hug and say please and thank you.

One day, my granddaughter-in-law asked her children why they were so good at Nana's and not at home. My lil prescious answered her mom: Because Nana has rules! Another granddaughter-in-law called me laughing ... she told her 3yr old that daddy was the boss and he yelled back at her and said, no he's not, Nana's the boss!

No ... they're not glad to leave - they beg to stay longer with Nana and Papa!


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