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Dan R

Dan R

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DIY Disaster Doctor: 3 Steps to Bad Driveway Design

May 24th 2010 9:09AM This is not a driveway and garage door. It is a normal sized entry door which has been stretched in photoshop.Look at how the horizontal lines are repeated across the width of the door. it is still crooked though.

43 Things Actually Said in Job Interviews

Jul 2nd 2009 11:35AM Yes ! Or , "the voices are telling me I need more guns, So I need a second job !" How fast would you be shown the door ? LOL

Celebs & Money: Jennifer Aniston's $56,792 haircut

Mar 6th 2009 3:48PM She has No right to spend her own money as she sees fit ? When did we start having to ask YOUR permission before we spend OUR money ? Who cares how much she spends ? It is no one's business but hers. If we all spent 1/2 as much time policing ourselves as we do policing other people , the world would be a much better place .


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