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How to Hang a Plasma TV

Feb 1st 2011 3:45AM My dear Don...I didn't say anything about being better than anybody else. I said I was appalled that people aren't bright enough to figure out how to do things themselves any more...and that we needed to add home economics and shop back into the school curriculum so people don't have to waste money installing something simple like a TV mounting bracket.

If you're feeling inferior because you missed out on basic "how to" while in school, don't blame it on me! Go ahead and spend your money hiring "professionals" to do things a person with basic do-it-yourself skills could easily handle. And, by the way, I DID put the wires inside the wall for a nice, clean look...just like I did my entire surround sound system for my stereo which I also installed myself. And, over this past weekend, I installed canister lighting in my kitchen ceiling. Guess I should have had a "professional" come do it! LOL!

SmackDown: Should Parents Give Gifts to Adult Children?

Dec 6th 2010 12:01AM What a scrooge! Just because one gives gifts to their children has absolutely nothing to do with how self-sufficient their children are. Gift giving is a priviliege...I love finding just the right gift for them. They're completely self-sufficient and have been for more than a decade...but gifts are extras, not necessities...and they're a way to say "I thought of you...I love you...I want you to have this." I can't imagine being so selfish that I would keep track of what I spent raising and educating them so I would have an excuse not to help them celebrate a birthday by giving them a gift! And, I'd certainly rather give my hard-working, self sufficient children a gift at Christmas than some drug-addicted bum who stands on the street corner begging for a portion of my hard-earned money!

Regifting Etiquette 101

Dec 3rd 2010 1:21AM When I receive a gift I don't particularly want, and know somebody who would like it, I regift it. We also exchange gifts purchased at Goodwill or yard sales if the gift is "right" for the receiver.

In my opinion, it isn't about the money spent on the gift, but knowing friends and family well enough to know what they would like to receive. Our whole family is frugal, but we give great gifts and stay within our budget...whether it comes regifted or second hand, handmade or purchased at a top knotch store. My grown kids say they like it when they see less than pristine packaging under the wrapping paper because they know we're on a budget and realize they're getting something they'll really enjoy receiving without our over-extending ourselves. I'm proud that my grandkids are growing up knowing how to be financially pragmatic and not snobbish about gifts!

How to Hang a Plasma TV

Nov 21st 2010 3:23PM You're kidding me. People actually hire somebody to hang their flat screen TV? I'm a 60 year old grandmother, and I hung my own flat-screen TV to the wall. Are we actually getting so stupid and unable to figure out something so simple as attaching a flat screen mounting bracket to the wall?

I think we need to go back to having home economics and shop classes in school for everybody so they can learn a few life skills like how to use an electric drill and boil water. Sheesh...this younger generation...!!!

What Can I Do for a Beginner Exercise Program?

Oct 12th 2010 10:52PM What a refreshing article! So much more encouraging than the typical overzealous plans that are beyond the ability of someone who is overweight and hasn't been exercising.

I watched my 10 year old granddaughter gain quite a bit when her MD told her she should not spend time outside playing for several months while they were stabilizing her allergies, and how quickly she lost the weight when the pollen count went down and she was able to get back to just normal childhood playing in the back yard. THEN, my daughter was injured in an auto accident and was laid up for about 3 months...again, just not doing her normal physical activities, she put on 20 pounds in just a couple of weeks.

Armed with these examples and this encouraging article, I'm going to start a walking program and am looking forward to seeing a lower number on my scale soon! Wish me luck!!!

Unusual Uses for Vodka

Oct 10th 2010 12:11AM My dog drank antifreeze. My vet told me the best thing to do is give the dog vodka because vodka binds to the antifreeze and helps it pass through the dog safely. It needs to be done right away before the antifreeze gets into the dog's system. We discovered what was making my dog sick too late for the vodka, but I thought it would be good for other dog owners to know about in case their pet gets into antifreeze. By the way, my puppy survived thanks to a super vet and is a healthy dog today!

Andie MacDowell to Cut Loose in 'Footloose' Remake

Sep 25th 2010 4:37AM Andie MacDowell? Shouldn't she playing somebody's GRANDMOTHER, not their mother? She's one of the worst actresses around! I will never understand this whole remake thing...Footloose was a fun movie the first time around. Why the need for a remake? The idea is a waste of film.

Should I Keep Loaning Money to My Adult Daughter?

Sep 21st 2010 11:49PM Are you NUTS I88barone??? You stated: >> In China, the country that the US is in debt up to it's eyeballs to, the majority work for the better of the family. They would never kick their children to the curb and tell them to learn to swim or drown.

Should I Keep Loaning Money to My Adult Daughter?

Sep 21st 2010 11:30PM I have loaned money to my soon-to-be 40 daughter and her husband. Each time, there were promises to pay it back "with the next paycheck". Sometimes that became 4 or 5 paychecks later, but they always paid it back. We have enough money that their paying us back isn't really an issue, BUT depending on oneself is an important lesson to learn.

I thought about how I found myself lending money to them and realized that they'd express a desire and I'd jump in and "help them out" financially. I realized I was "rescuing" while they were merely sharing thoughts. They didn't need me to bail them out, we're just close and none of us are much into keeping secrets, so as things are in our family, they'd mention their frustration out loud. When I realized what was happening, I simply stopped offering them money. I was surprised to see how easily they "found" the money to cover the need (or desire) without Mom jumping in to help out. They didn't really need the money (or the item) and weren't really even asking for money.

I feel so much better about their ability to handle their own finances, and about myself not putting any of us in the position of feeling any resentment for a loan I shouldn't have made in the first place! I truly thought they'd be upset when the bailouts stopped, but in reality, they were just fine with being adults making their own way in the world.

So, my advice is that perhaps the reason we "help them out" is more OUR need than theirs...and that perhaps we get some sort of "high" out of still being mom who can fix all their boo-boos! NOW, I get high over how proud I am of them, and of myself and of our relationship which doesn't include financial bailouts!

Chelsea Clinton's Wedding Dress - Vera Wang or Oscar de la Renta?

Jul 30th 2010 2:57AM While I wish Chelsea and her groom the best of luck, I must admit that I think the picture of Chelsea with the HUGE hat covering her face is a good look for her. She definitely got the worst of both her parents in the looks department. Of course, looks aren't everything. Hopefully they'll have a happy marriage!


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