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University of North Dakota's 'Fighting Sioux' Nickname, Logo Retired

Apr 9th 2010 7:45PM the people who lost the war should have no say in the matter.

Browns' Shaun Rogers Arrested With Loaded Gun in Airport

Apr 1st 2010 9:11PM Is there still a second amendment or did barry get that changed too?

Opinion: Let New Moms Bring Babies to Work

Mar 29th 2010 9:53AM Thank you. Having been both an employee and an employer , it should be obvious that an employee's function is to make money for the firm, employer et al. If an employer is kind enough to have day care or other arrangements, then God bless them. It is certainly never to be a requirement. With 10 million (i don't know who counts them all) unemployed in this country employees are a dime a dozen.

Report: Big Ben Won't Attend Steelers' Offseason Workouts

Mar 29th 2010 9:03AM We speak English in this country.

Greyhound driver tips off cops to half million in coke

Mar 26th 2010 7:51PM 10-4 fellow vet. these idiots who enter our country illegally are NOT immigrants! these people are criminals and should be treated as such. an immigrant is one who enters this country legally and honorably.

Todd Bridges Breaks His Silence in New Memoir: Affair With 'Diff'rent Strokes' Co-Star and Molested By Male Publicist

Mar 21st 2010 12:14AM i am I read some of these comments and i think of how some of these people must feel like with a hate in their heart so devouring and foul that it eats away at their very soul through eternity. I think this is what hell must be like.

10 expenses you may think you can deduct on your taxes, but can't

Mar 13th 2010 8:52AM That would be Mike Huckabe

11-Year-Old Fights for Health Care Reform After Mother's Death

Mar 12th 2010 11:23PM I am sorry to hear about your mom. we have health care for everyone. all mom had to do was walk into any er in the country and she would have been cared for. that is the law.

11-Year-Old Fights for Health Care Reform After Mother's Death

Mar 12th 2010 11:16PM I am a combat vet. You want a federal system for health care like the va???> don't go there. you will be worse off than you are now.

Merlin Olsen: NFL's Greatest DT Ever?

Mar 11th 2010 11:21PM i must have missed you at the pro-bowl what team did you say you were on??


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