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The Mortgage Fix That Can Save the Economy

Aug 29th 2011 12:40PM Thank you. It is refreshing to read about the truth instead of the democrat mismanaged half truths.

The Mortgage Fix That Can Save the Economy

Aug 29th 2011 12:35PM I have bought 10 foreclosed houses in the last year, and I am currently renting them out. I am making a good little retirement fund for myself. I dont feel like I have lost anything

Chaz Bono: My Mom Just Needed More Time to Accept Me

May 21st 2011 8:30PM I knew Cher dated Meatloaf (Mr, Loaf... Meat... how do you address him?) But I didnt know they had a child together.

Flavor Flav Closes Chicken Business After Four Months

Apr 27th 2011 1:45PM Why did he pick Clinton, Iowa to start a new business?

'Idol' Castoff Pia Toscano: A Record Deal Already?

Apr 10th 2011 4:21PM If I had a recording studio, I would wait at the door for the ones that didnt win. I would give them all a starter contract for recording one album. If it sells, do more. If it doesnt sell, move on to the next one. This aint rocket science, just money.

'Idol' Castoff Pia Toscano: A Record Deal Already?

Apr 10th 2011 4:16PM If I had a recording studio, I would snap up all of the final 12 except for the winner. I mean give them a starter contract, make a few songs to record and release an album. If any of the albums sells, then make another one with that person. If it doesnt sell, then move on to the next person. This aint rocket science.

Turban Road Test: We Hit the NYC Streets

Mar 25th 2011 6:16PM > This is because they are the ones commiting world wide terrorism. I can only guess you are either democrat or muslim by your statement. Profiling is hated because it... wait for it... works.

Survey Says: Americans Would Rather Go Broke Than Go Gray

Mar 25th 2011 6:08PM I would rather be broke and jobless than have a socialist president. Oh ... I am jobless and broke, something I wasnt 4 years ago.

If Air Traffic Control's Asleep, What Now?

Mar 24th 2011 1:13PM I dont understand why the pilots just didnt go back to approach control.(called regional controllers in the article) They would have used a telephone to call the tower (local controller in the article) and see whats up. Some places, not all, the tower controllers and the approach/departure controllers are in the same building. And yes, I saw.... Airplanes land, airlines are companies.

Steve McQueen's Husqvarna Motorcycle Up for Auction

Mar 22nd 2011 1:16PM Anyone that is a movie buff knows Steve McQueen chased himself in the Great Escape.


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