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Hillbilly How-to: Practical uses for your old computer pieces

Aug 9th 2008 6:05PM I agree that PCs aren't necessarily disposable, especially if one builds their own desktop PCs (no proprietary parts). Now, certain parts can burn out such as power supplies, motherboards, memory, drives, video cards, and even fans: Unless one is a clever circuitry genius, complex broken electronic parts must be recycled (this is beyond the scope even of PC repair shops).

Good cases and some other parts form a basis for rebuilding, often with some parts on hand from the dead system and other systems with damaged components or upgrades. Unix-based OSes such as linux distros or freebsd (usually "free") often run very well with very old legacy components which are too old for XP or Vista. Have some faith! Again and again, Phoenix arises from the ashes....

I suppose some people don't want to use stuff once it's "broken." Unfortunately, others lack inclination to gather expertise for fixing and rebuild (all info for this is gratis on the web)--also, their circle of friends and acquaintances lacks knowledgeable friends, or they distrust these friends: So, they they decide to suffer the indignity of lugging the PC to repair shops at great expense. I think it's better for those who lack interest to find knowledgeable friends or friends whose relatives (say teenage children)--I really think this usually a more satisfactory experience than relying on "pro" repair: Perhaps replacement parts would be at cost, and labor may even be gratis-- such people are interested in new challenges, even in antique tech. (One example: Perhaps fixing software or Windows problems may not involve reformating (thereby deleting all files and necessitating tedious reinstall--reformatting often is a shortcut to thinking).

If you don't want to take on rebuilding, and, you don't want expensive "pro" repair or a new sys, expand your circle of friends and acquaintances to some people who want to help you with PCs!


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