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10 Tools for New Chefs

Apr 30th 2009 11:37PM This is a shameless ad for a lot of worthless garbage. I just graduated from a top Culinary School and other than the Kitchen-aid Mixer wouldn't use any of the other junk on this list.

Every item on this list is overpriced and would never stand up in a commercial kitchen.

Save your money and go to a real culinary site for advice.

Premium M&Ms: Affordable luxury or candy-coated blasphemy?

Aug 9th 2008 2:40AM Brings back memories of "New Coke", these will be a passing fad that will not fly. I expect to see these in the 99 Cents store in a few months.
I love really good high quality chocolate with a cacao content of at least 75% and refuse to buy anything with the name Hersheys or Mars marketing itself as high quality chocolate. I might buy it for a cheap chocolate fix if it is on sale, but will not pay a premium price for it. The calibration of the machines and the quality of the beans are what makes a good chocolate, not just a high cacao content.
What I have been waiting over three years for is a dark chocolate Twix, they were special edition, I loved them and have never seem them again. Writing the company, visiting the website and looking everywhere(including E-bay!) has gotten me nowhere.
$3.99 for some cheap chocolate candies, try $1.25(twice the price), and I might consider it. I'll try any chocolate at Trader Joes for half the price and twice the quality.

How to de-stinkify your shoes

Oct 28th 2007 3:38PM I have a great idea, wash those stinking shoes! Just don't dry them in the dryer. If you want to spray to get rid of those bacteria use a product like "Nature's Miracle" or another enzyme product to eat away those stains. Nothing is going to cover up the smell!

Six ways to avoid a cold

Jan 28th 2007 12:02AM Drink lots of water or diluted fluids. Take emergen-C when you get that tell tale scratch in your throat and get lots of sleep. This will keep you from catching a cold if you feel it coming on or get you over one faster. I am 36 years old and hardly ever get sick. Also try to keep stress levels low. It keeps your immune system in check.

Elizabeth Hurley's extreme diet

Jan 24th 2007 11:17PM What do you expect from a stick figure with legs. The Marilyn Monroe quote was basically that if she ever got as fat as Marilyn Monroe that she would kill herself. We should all be so lucky. Do you think that in 50 years anyone will ever remember who the hell she was. What a laugh!

Love 'A Christmas Story'? Visit Cleveland!

Oct 19th 2006 5:52PM What would Christmas be without this movie? It must be viewed numerous times during the holiday season. It is so damn funny! Too many funny moments to mention. You'll shoot your eye out kid! And the soap critics speech. Hilarious! I must admit to watching the TBS marathon continuously. Because frankly this movie can be viewed more than one time in a row and still be funny. How many movies can you say that about?

The very best potato chips

Jul 20th 2006 2:52AM I have always loved Kettle Chips but recently tried Henry's grocery store brand kettle chips and thought that they were excellent. I'm afraid that Kettle Chips are now my second choice. I love the thick cut crunch of chips. Even if my employer thinks that I sound like a cow when I eat them!

Haagen-Dazs' new flavor will be Sticky Toffee Pudding

Jul 20th 2006 2:46AM I agree that they should release all three flavors and let the public decide. And to the people that didn't like it, e-mail a complaint to the website and let the company know you didn't like it. It should at least get you a coupon to get a pint of a flavor that you do like. Always complain to the companies when you have a problem. I have had great luck with a well worded complaint letter.


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