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Ramen Noodle Recipes for College Campus Cooking

Aug 14th 2010 6:24AM These aren't your grannies oats- I make oatmeal and add salsa garlic and mayonnaise, then cook the noodles with less water (with the flavor packet)so that the water evaporates and you're left with tastier and thicker noodles, then I mix it all together.

Marilyn Monroe home for sale for $3.6 million

Jul 15th 2010 9:03AM I believe that when people die their ghost inhabits the area where they passed away, so the buyer of Marilyn's home will get to live with her. That would be the ultimate experience for any Monroe fan. Marilyn was human and had a bad side that nobody ever talks about, it's said that she was homophobic, which is funny because in show business gays are everywhere. My dad took pictures of Marilyn at her USO Korea appearance and I was saddend to learn that they are not worth much because there were thousands of soldiers with cameras there that day. I even have one of her posing with General Macarthur in a jeep wearing an army olive green shirt. May she rest in peace.

Gig is Up for Candwich Con

Jul 9th 2010 2:59PM Canned sandwiches sounds like a good gimmick, but I'm more concerned with the plastic that coats the inside of cans and ends up in your bloodstream. Where's the FDA protecting America concerning that?

DIY Warrior: How to Clean an Oscillating Fan

Jul 4th 2010 6:53AM The problem is that not all fans have protective covers that remove easily, it's a hassle to unscrew all those clips, I get a bottle cleaner and bend it a bit and just stick it through to clean the blades. Another tip for cleaning chandeliers is to hang an umbrella upside down below it, place light weight dish towels on it and spray the chrystals with window cleaner and let drip dry, it saves so much time rather than the time consuming task of removing each individual chrystal.

Woman sued over online review: 3 tips to avoid a lawsuit

Jul 2nd 2010 9:42PM I agree with Ken, this story is getting national attention and the worse thing for any business is bad publicity. How could Angies List even exist without the honest reviews of consumers?

It's the end of free checking, almost: Where does your bank sit?

Jul 2nd 2010 9:31AM Brad, just ask yourself if the Bush administration lifted one finger to actually help consumers instead of greedy corporations and you'll find your answer.

Livia, How can you defend the pitiful wages paid bank employees, not to mention the lack of benefits and claim that they don't make profits from investing customers deposits just shows that you are not informed.

It's the end of free checking, almost: Where does your bank sit?

Jul 2nd 2010 9:09AM If I don't have the money to buy something I never purchase it. My favoite quote was when Johnny Depp said,"American consumers are like pigs at a trough, they can never get enough." Credit cards can save you money if you find something on sale that you can't immediately afford. I want to personally thank president Obama for putting an end to the 18 billion dollars that the banks were making on overdraft fees. Republicans defending corporate greed by polluting our enviroment in a quest for corporate profits is just plain unpatriotic, it's a good thing that young people are seeing that truth(among others) and saying no to the injustices they promote.

It's the end of free checking, almost: Where does your bank sit?

Jul 2nd 2010 7:13AM Paying to use your owen money is just ridiculous. The banks will argue that they have to pay people to process your transactions, but why should that matter when they profit from the use of using your money. Many banks don't allow tellers to have 40 hour work weeks to avoid giving them full time employee benefits and pay tellers near minimum wage. I thought that I would create more jobs by using tellers and not using the automated help center on the phone, but they have outsourced the human telephone assistance employees to foreign countries, and now you will be penalized for using tellers with their new fees. There's no way that I'm giving $6.00 a month of my own hard earned money to my bank, I'm going to a local credit union that isn't a greedy institution like these banks. These new fees are in retaliation to Obama stoppong the 18 billion dollars a year that they were making on overdraft fees. Save American jobs not using self check out stands at the supermarket. Excercise your power as a consumer!

Recipe Rehab: Homemade Hamburger Helper

Jun 25th 2010 6:34AM In the 1970's Hamburger Helper was basically a gravy mix with pasta, they really have improved their product, but the sodium content is still astronomical. The problem that I have with "whole wheat" pasta in the recipe, is that when whole grains are ground into flour to make whole wheat pasta, it is no longer a whole grain, aren't the pasta companies fooling the consumer?

Trend Spotting: Tie-Dye Decor

Jun 24th 2010 8:56AM If you look closely at the blue shower curtain, pillow & sham the "tye dye" appears to be printed on rather than hand made. Gone are the days of hand made goods.


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