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Edward Pruett

Edward Pruett

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1st Gay-Friendly Public Housing to Rise in Philadelphia

Apr 20th 2012 9:22AM You have got to be out of your Friggin mind. I had a brother who was gay. He died from AIDS.I never met any of his friends who were exactly poor or in need. It they were, he and his friends got them situated, a job or in business and 5 years later, they were all eating steak in stead of hot dogs. Give the tax payer a break.

McDonald's Feeling the Heat After Racist Sign Hoax

Jun 13th 2011 9:32PM Get over this race thing. This has been going on for well over 1,000 years around the globe. If I remember correctly, my linage was condemned in WWII when we were known as Krauts and a few other choice names. Many of my friends were called names as well. Stop crying and people may stop calling you names.

My Preschooler's Whining Is Making Me Crazy!

May 29th 2011 12:01AM More BS from our so called children experts. My son started that whining thing. I had a different solution. Same for two of my grand children. I did advise them I wanted to have a serious talk with them. I explained that whinning in my world would invoke a few swats on the butt from me or my wife. They whined once more. I gave them a few swats on the butt. No more whining. They are all grown. They all have jobs, went to college and graduated, and became very good citizens in this world. No more whining.

Healthy French Onion Soup Recipe

Jan 9th 2011 6:35AM Save some money. You do not need wine for home made onion soup. You drink wine with the soup. I have been eating and making French Onion Soup since 1963. I was taught by a neighbor in Paris. I use onions, garlic, butter, and water. I do use cheese and bread after the soup is prepared. I put it in the broiler for just seconds to toast the cheese on top.

Good, hot, cheap.

Old guy

Best Songs of 2010: Part Two

Jan 1st 2011 1:40AM Who in hell are the people who picked this top 50. I know none of the songs or the artist. Get into the real world guys.

The Jimmy Stewart Museum Faces An Uncertain Future

Dec 25th 2010 8:30AM I certainly agree with you. I have never heard of the Jimmie Stewart Museum. PA is not that far from where I live. I certainly would like to visit the museum. I did visit the Roy Rogers Museum when it was in CA and in Branson. People have no idea what they missed. What a collection. I will guess the Stewart Museum is worth seeing. A little advertizing might help.

Internet Finds Time Traveler With Cell Phone in 1928 Charlie Chaplin Film

Oct 28th 2010 8:49PM Has anyone noticed the size of her feet? Those are huge shoes. She of he could simply be a bit nuts and talking to themselves. It might have been cold and she was holding her coat up to keep off the wind or cold. She could have simply been singing to herself. Then again, it may have been a real time traveler. Sure and I am the pope.

Paris Preview: GM unveils Chevrolet Cruze hatchback for Europe

Sep 6th 2010 2:38PM GM my butt. It was big government using my tax money again to bail them out. I guess what I learned in college in all my economics classes is all BS. The man with the money pulls the strings. Supply and demand has noting to do with it when Big Brother is running the show. PO'd old guy.

Facebook Places Shares Where You Are

Aug 19th 2010 1:35PM Facebook and all other suck. I do not need my laundry hung out for everyone to read.

Talented 10-Year-Old Heather Russell Sings Her Heart Out

Aug 10th 2010 8:25AM I agree with you very much. I thought she stunk.


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