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Where the Celebrities Call Home: Hancock Park

Dec 25th 2010 10:31PM "You can't swing a cat..." I'd like to swing YOU, stupid article-writing person!!!

Ginnifer Goodwin Admits to Being on Weight Watchers Since Age 9

Dec 24th 2010 5:18AM My mother put me on a diet just B4 I entered Kindergarten b/c she didn't want the other kids making fun of me. Thing is, even though I dieted and lost weight, I was still BIG--a BIG girl, and the kids still made fun of me. I now believe that it was my mom who was "ashamed" of me and wanted me to be thin so she could show me off. Weight was always an issue; she always took me to the Dr and I was ALWAYS on some kinda diet and couldn't eat "regular" foods. I always had to have "special" food like a certain bread and skim milk--stuff like that. A candy bar was a definite no-no (I could have the equivalent to a Kit-Kat bar sometimes). No sodas or ice cream. I could go on but you get the picture. It was really weird, growing up like that. Then I had an eating disorder in Jr High school (I so wanted to be a model)--I got anorexic. Now, I'm just an older overweight woman w/a history ov dieting and weight issues. Acceptance and a healthy diet, overall is the key, along w/exercise and a good mind-set. Don't denounce my mom--she thot she was doing me a favor. We did always eat very healthy around the house and she cooked very healthy meals and we seldom if ever ate out. Sigh.

Bizarre Badly Drawn Boy Freakout Spurs Outrage

Dec 19th 2010 6:16PM Lv the bloke be! He's British for crissakes and was probably either drunk or in a state of mental taxation at the time or just wanted to confuse all the C's in the audience. His fav word is probably C_ _t so he used it a lot to express some extreme frustration. What do we expect from our entertainers? They are JUST entertainers and musicians at that. No need to get so up-in-arms. He came out and finished the concert. Big deal.

Captain Beefheart Dead at 69

Dec 18th 2010 2:21AM Zappa/Beefheart=the Best. RIP man.

How to Care for an Outdoor Cat

Nov 17th 2010 2:16PM Replying to Vicki Huberman: The best thing to do is to use a trap and release method. Get a HAVAHART cage/trap that's larger than your cat and put cat food in it (take away the food that you leave out for her) and wait for her to come into the garage and shut the garage door. Just wait. She will go into the cage for food and when she accesses the food, the doors will shut on either end of the cage. You can then take her to a vet who understands about cats that are "sensitive" to such things. I don't know where you live but the HAVAHART cages are sometimes rentable from feed stores and the like or animal shelters. Call around and the BEST of luck to you.

Interview With a Witch Mom

Sep 20th 2010 2:36PM I think it's interesting that they're doing an article like this and that Wicca (like so many other things that were once more "hidden") is coming into the mainstream. For the record: If someone "dabbles" in Witchcraft (ov any sort) they are not a Witch per se. And Wicca is not "sort of" an Earth religion it IS TOTALLY an Earth religion. Good for her--coming out into the World like this.

Gwyneth Paltrow Gets Domestic for Vogue, Cooks in Evening Gowns

Jul 9th 2010 5:34PM Most of us are not even close to having the financial wealth that Paltrow has, either passed down from her father; personal; or from her husband. But she's doing what she WANTS to do ALL of the time. Right now, she wants to put out a cookbook or two and is doing that. She can "afford" to cook in whatever she wants to cook in, b/c it doesn't matter to her if she gets it dirty or not, she can just toss it out w/the rest of the garbage, get it cleaned or absolutely WHATEVER she wants to do. Money is not a problem w/this woman. I can say two things: KUDOS to her--how great it would be to have a life of little worries, and also geeze. I'd LOVE to be able to even have a semblance of a cook's kitchen (having cooked since I was little w/my mom and all into my many years of adult life) and yeah, I'm a tad jealous, but whatever! At least I have a decent kitchen and stove (that works!) and isn't all broken down or something like that. Yeah, I think she's had some "work" done to her face--it just doesn't "look" like her at all or something. And yeah, I think it's too bad, she should have just left it alone. But that said, I am not her and I don't have her wealth to knock around w/anything, including my looks.

Should Your Family Share a Bed?

Jun 8th 2010 9:29PM Okay. The 10-year old comment is neither weird nor anything else. Everyone chooses to raise his or her kids the way they choose! If the kid is constantly going to mommy or daddy's bed, then whatever! The parents have to deal w/it some day, as mine did. I was a kid who ALWAYS wanted to sleep w/one or the other parent. My parents had seperate bedrooms/beds (and that's the way it was) and i could choose which parent to sleep w/that nite. If my mom stayed up and i got to stay up, too (watching tv or whatever) then i slept w/her as to not disturb my dad. Sometimes i just went to bed w/my dad and woke up w/him (me, my mom and dad would be up together to see daddy off to work). Whatever! Everyone's family is different. When i got to 10 years old, my dad told me that I had to stop sleeping w/him that I should sleep by myself. My mom concurred (I guess she was tired of me sleeping w/her, too). So, i stopped sleeping w/them both unless i was sick or something. Later, we downsized and my parents shared a queen-sized bed and one bedroom and if i got really sick, i'd sleep w/my mom and my dad would sleep in my (Twin-sized) bed until I got better. I was not allowed to sleep w/both parents. And there was nothing goofy or sexual going on at all. I was really bummed about not being able to sleep w/my dad or my mom, but that's the way they saw fit to deal w/it. Perhaps it should not have gone on so long, but it did.

Smart Light Switches

May 29th 2010 9:13PM VERY hair arm and hand...I think these light switches would irritate me after awhile of turning off by themselves. It just would not work in my household. Man, what a hairy arm.

BBQ Grills -- Do You Splurge or Look For a Deal?

May 8th 2010 1:39PM This complex has a no charcoal or wood burning anything in the contract, too, and someone gave us a George Foreman BBQ grill, upright, larger, that works just fine. We miss the wood (we used wood rather than charcoal to BBQ) but this is nice too. It grills fish (Salmon) especially well and you can adjust the temp on it as well.


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