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Hillbilly How-to: Practical uses for your old computer pieces

Oct 10th 2007 11:43AM I tried to donate some old computers to a charity that specializes in giving computers to schools. And they would not take anything less than a Pentium III 800Mhz. And this was back in 2004, I'm sure the minimum has been raised since then.

Asus Eee PC pricing and release dates loosed: less flash for more money?

Aug 24th 2007 1:02PM Well it's not any of those things. so get over it. It's not for you.

The Lockdown: Gun locks - unsafe at any caliber

Jun 13th 2007 3:46PM there are many modern guns that are not designed nor practical for killing people. They are either too small (varmint rifle, air gun) or too big (big game gun, manly penis-extension gun)

as for 'sport'. You realize that our screwed up ecology requires us to cull deer in many regions of the united states. otherwise there would be famine in the population, which leads to disease. There are already massive problems with deer Tuberculosis in most states.

People also hunt with bows and arrows, it is quite popular, but far less effective and humane than a gun. although it is much more sporting.

I think you should hold off judging other people's hobbies. I don't go around insulting sky divers, mountain climbers, bicyclists, motorcyclists, owners of sports cars, career alcoholics, etc. just because I think their hobby is unsafe.

The Lockdown: The Targus iPod Lock, or, a modicum of security

Oct 6th 2006 4:06AM I did mention you can secure the bag with a tough mesh that makes it hard to cut through. If you use steel mesh it's inexpensive and you won't be cutting through it with anything but tin snips.

They use "soft armor" bags for pistols after all. I think lugging around a big bulky alumnium jacket kind of sucks, plus it's not something you could make yourself.

Now if you sold the alumnium/plastic/etc case as a combination shock-protector/anti-theif I think it would sell pretty well. just put a hole or integrated lock on it. (I prefer a hole so I can use my own locks, I have a set of 8 small strong padlocks with matching keys so i only have to carry one key for my laptop, computer, motorcycle helmet and gun)

CE-Oh no he didn't! Part XIV : Lack of rumble keeps PS3 controller "affordable"

Oct 6th 2006 4:02AM Why can't sony just pay the licensing fee? So it bumps the price of the controller up a buck or two.

In all honestly I never really liked the rumble feature anyways. I didn't find it very "immersive". now if there was some kind of linear slide which could make the controller jerk in one of 4 directions slightly that might be interesting. or even if it would just jerk to one side or another (would make fun steering for racing games?)

CE-Oh no he didn't! Part XIV : Lack of rumble keeps PS3 controller "affordable"

Oct 6th 2006 3:59AM so it won't be as expensive as an Xbox 360 controller, which is almost as expensive as the last game system I purchased? (and more than the last if I buy two controllers)

The Lockdown: The Targus iPod Lock, or, a modicum of security

Oct 5th 2006 5:23PM Why not just make a small nylon canvas zipper bag with a lock on the zipper and a cable sewn around the bag (or put through a loop of the lock. obviously it's not going to stop someone who has the time and balls to just cut/rip/saw. but it seems simplier, easier to pack and carry with you (you could turn the soft pack into a sort of case so you have less junk to lug around with you). They is plastic netting that you can sew into objects to make them really difficult to cut open, or just use a steel mesh.

This whole connector gizmo seems pretty iffy to me. a better solution would have been for Apple to put a K-slot on the iPod like they do with all laptops.

I bet a howto on making your own iPod lock (either my bag idea, or something else) would make a great MAKE article.

JVC busts out "world's largest" RPTV at 110-inches

Sep 29th 2006 8:13PM If you think the picture quality on RP sucks, then you should look at a properly calibrated Mitsubishi RP. (That's one of the disadvantages of RP is that you need them calibrated to look good. Mitsubishis tend to come very well calibrated out of the store and stay that way for a very long time).

Simon - you can claim your Plasma is better than any RPTV, but that simply is not true. Your Plasma is certainly thinner than any RPTV and brighter than any LCD. 42" is a bit small for a TV though, I guess if you have a small apartment it's okay. (I have 55" RPTV in a 550sqft apartment)

Johnny - LCDs and OLED are catching up quickly to RP. In a few years even the videophiles will want a flatpanel TV.

Sony under fire for "racist" advertising

Jul 6th 2006 1:39PM That's the problem with western culture these days. Everything is somehow viewed as racist. Maybe we should embrace that people come in different colors instead of screaming whenever someone stops falsely pretending that people are all the same color.

It's not like the black PSP comes with a free can of grape soda, and the white PSP comes with a free loaf of wonderbread.


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