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Fishy Photobomb

Aug 13th 2011 9:10PM Maybe "fishy" but funny.

Idol Worship: J.Lo's Greatest Fashion Hits

Jul 24th 2011 3:44PM And this pertains to an article about Jennifer, how? Get your stupid spam off of here jackass.

Idol Worship: J.Lo's Greatest Fashion Hits

Jul 24th 2011 3:42PM Undoubtedly you look like a pig with an ass that smells worse than any landfill, MORON!

Back To The 90s: Margiela's Scrunchie-Inspired Bracelet

Jul 23rd 2011 6:41PM They were garbage then, and they're still garbage now.

Mila Kunis | Fashion With Benefits

Jul 22nd 2011 10:15PM "Modestly" like Amish, or diaper-heads?

Zappos' New Ad Campaign: Naked Ambition

Jul 11th 2011 6:51PM Why do people always forget that nudity is viewed so much differently in Europe and Australia than it is in the uptight US? Nudity is nothing new to them, but here in the US its almost heart attack inducing. Guess what, we were all born naked too, will that be shocking or illegal next? Most of us were also conceived naked, (or at least I would think so), so what the hell is the big deal. those models accept payment and agree to be in those ads, since when is that "exploitation?" Lighten up, or shut.

Courtney Love | Style Evolution

Jul 9th 2011 6:19PM Yech, I wouldn't do her with Weiner's weiner.

Here Comes the Bride | Winning Toilet Paper Wedding Gown Announced [Photos]

Jul 8th 2011 7:56PM I suppose one could say its appropriate since a little more than half of all marriages wind up in the crapper.

Charlie Hatches Plan to Ruin Ashton's 'Men' Debut

Jul 8th 2011 2:02AM Idiot obviously is incapable of learning his lesson, the drugs have fried his little pea brain. Its called "dope" for a very good reason. I won't be watching, I'd prefer to sit out front and watch a puddle evaporate.


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