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Petition: Want Marriage Equality? Paint Capitol Building Rainbow

Mar 24th 2013 1:54PM As someone that is gay, this idea is disgraceful. Painting personal property like your home is your prerogative. However, despite inequality and grievances we've endured, to paint a national symbol the colors of the rainbow flag is wrong. What's next? The columns of the North and South Portico of the White House? Whatever negative opinions we have of ineffective government, desecrating national icons are preposterous. The rendition looks plain stupid.

Photo Gallery: Abandoned Americana

Oct 25th 2011 5:34PM The pictures reflect an eerie progression of places time has forgotten. As for Shirley, I agree completely with your sentiments. However, I'm sure your parents and grandparents thought the same of your 1950's. They might have thought TV was evil and might have thought Eddie Fisher, The Ames Brothers and the onslaught of rock and roll was truly radical, negative influences, "the Devil's Music". Nobody can help the times we're born in or grow up in. I'm young enough to be your son, but have a father considerably older than you. At least you were in your prime as an adult when many American companies provided a future for devoting 30-40 years with them. We were the sole economic power globally which is quickly eroding to our stupid trade agreements and all the globalization craptalk of twenty years ago. The 1980's saw many companies emulate a Japanese work ethic of always working which has eroded our social fabric to a large degree. The problem is that our companies have treated our workers as truly expendable, and that has impacted many peoples' attitude when they see the American Dream has turned into an unattainable nightmare. You cannot sustain a middle class with McDonald's wages. Your generation of Americans lived when we truly had a "can do" attitude with hope for the future. We have come to realize our mounting problems and the fact that all these political figures really can't solve these problems. Yes, it appears to a large degree these teens and twenty somethings are dirty looking, pants hanging tattoo studded messes. It bothers me as well because it doesn't indicate a level of self respect. They don't have a timeline of life yet as one sadly realizes in mid-life how the decades pass. Do I think many are spoiled brats? Yes. As for government entitlement, given your stated age would I be correct to assume your collecting Social Security, or did you decline the government pay? Since you've worked all your life, do you not feel entitled to it? Your parents and grandparents didn't have to depend on, did they? I'm sure your now changing the chairs around at your dinner table as does the hypocrisy of our Congressmembers do in their speeches and campaign sloganeering. I guess the cost of "put a little nickel in, in the nickelodeon for Music, Music, Music costs much more today.

Makeover Diaries: Staying True to Myself and Looking Great, Too!

Mar 11th 2011 7:33PM I'm so glad I'm a man and getting more handsome with my salt and pepper hair.Women in particular should never step out of the house without makeup on. It really is true that women with gray hair frankly look...old. For some women makeup doesn't help. Life can be quite cruel. It must be difficult for "curvy" LOL just plain FAT women is sadly an excuse for laziness and a bad genetic line. Men really are the more beautiful. Good luck ladies!

Divorce and Debt: What You Owe and What You Don't

Mar 1st 2011 10:23AM I guess she's irritated he couldn't pay for another facelift to make her look more ridiculous!

Divorce and Debt: What You Owe and What You Don't

Mar 1st 2011 10:15AM This whole story and the thousands like them make me glad I'm gay. Everything is always a man's fault and she walks away with everything of his. My opinion of the female gender overall is far from being appropriate for print due to the level I loathe the female gender. Men in relationships together rarely, rarely go through this. They certainly don't have to deal with female drama and their vacuous gossip and backstabbing dealings amongst their "girlfriends". Good for the man, he did her like women have done men for decades!

Divorce and Debt: What You Owe and What You Don't

Mar 1st 2011 10:01AM The poor witch. Maybe she can go on that pathetic male apologist "Dr. Phil" so he can side with this "victim" to garner empathy and sympathy for her money drain problem. Even the nail pose of this spider is disgusting. She looks like a 65 yr. old. Shirley Temple gold digger posed like a five year old girl at a beauty pageant. Boo Hoo B! Women have been treated like queens by men and the Courts so long they feel completely entitled to a man's empire because they are female. I'm sure her closet is filled with St. John Designer outfits and Monolo Blahnik $600 shoes. I really am beginning to believe the anti male sexist crap that as many women like to gossip and hear themselves say, "men are stupid". Yes, the ones that get married are! She can have "lifetime for Women" do a special on her tale of woe to further the men are no good whipping network propaganda. Boo hoo! The court should give her nothing! I'm glad voters in many states voted against gay marriage. I don't know how straight men put up with unstable females to begin with. You can have them all! They'll go on to find another man not aware of her leaving the old web after draining the mate. Now she'll spin another web and bleed some new fool dry Bernie Madoff style.

10 Worst Neighborhoods for Car Theft

Feb 20th 2011 10:46PM LOL! The white burglar is really funny! After all, we don't want to offend the criminal races that live/commit these crimes. A white car burglar like on the tv commercials is like finding a black Klan member. A politically correct picture just like the media spins it today!

Diana Ross and Jack White's Detroit High School Set for Demolition

Feb 19th 2011 10:40AM I agree with Dxxy4u-Those would be happy days again like the TV show. Yes, let's bring back school integration so that white students in all white schools can be safe and not have the classroom learning environment disrupted by fights, riots, gunfire. It would save the taxpayer millions in not having police constantly called to schools to quell yet another black problem since you create problems everywhere. That's the real problem education, like Detroit has fallen apart never to return because it's 87% black and educational environment has deteriorated due to the imposed desegregation of the past forty years. It's a shame the building cannot be put on the National Landmark Registry. At least something can be saved in that slum, crime-sodden, corrupt Son of a ? Congresswoman's Mayor Fitzpatrick corrupt with murder threats, embezzlement, and other black book daliances. Ah, Detroit! Diana Ross and the other black luminaries can afford to save it. Call Skip Gates. I'm sure though he'd have a problem with a white police escort.

She Found Out Her Fiance Was Gay

Jan 5th 2011 11:43AM Mike at 8:31AM,1/5 has reservations about "Aaron's" "CHOICE" and the Pavlov's dog approach that if a beautiful woman is placed in front of a man he'll become sexually attracted to her? Why do some straight people think this? Mike, then would a handsome guy in your company make you sexually attracted to him? Why not? Because you know completely you're straight? Why is it the majority of heterosexuals feel it's impossible for them but possible for homosexuals to be enticed, converted, etc? The article refutes this man's believabilty because of his coming out at age thirty-six? Is there a certain turning of age like a state driver license eligibility that someone must proclaim? People that realize their sexual orientation encounter this at various ages of life. There are two tragedies in this story. Both parties are scathed because the woman feels her relationship with this man wasn't sincere. For the man, people might want to consider his guilt and confusion in dealing with the tragedy of the message that homosexuality is unworthy or dirty. My point is that a toll was dealt Aaron with respect to how anti-gay religious and societal forces negative impact on his soul. I'm not condoning his actions, but as a gay man this is a realization gays eventually must face with fear of rejection of family and friends and desiring to be accepted and comfortable in a less than welcoming environment. This is yet another clear example of many men and women "conform" to society at the cost of one's internal soul. I realized I was attracted to men at a very young age and felt "different". I was never sexually abused to "make me gay". I never conformed by having a girlfriend to defray any attention to my inner thoughts, although I went out on one date in high school and two in four years of college. These dates were with women and I felt VERY uncomfortable. I remained a gentleman with them. Now, in middle-age I can tell people are thinking why isn't he married and I never see him with a woman. Many straight people are emphatic that homosexuality is a choice. I refute this because my brain and body told me otherewise. I believe it to be a genetic, or hormonal variation(not defect) that will be discovered one day. When asked if I 'd rather be straight my answer is no. However, I 'd like to live in a world where I'm free to express what I am without being denegrated. I love being a man, dressing as a man and loving a man. My point is that straight people need to step back and realize what society rewards you with what you take for granted. Open any magazine and look at any advertisement. What is it celebrating? The picture is always the HETEROSEXUAL couple! The movies, malls, city streets all reward and reinforce YOUR acceptance and love and committment to each other. Yet, many of you look as if we're aliens from another planet if we walk through a mall holding hands. We're accused to making a political statement and sayings like, "nobody wants to see that". Heterosexual marriages are getting more painful for me to watch because isn't that what's life about? Happiness? Yes, this woman feels hurt, rejected and scorned because of a dishonest relationship gone bad because it didn't lead to a marriage. At least he told her how he felt and was honest about it eventually. She isn't grappling with her sexual orientation, he was! Once again, another toll on people's lives due to rejection of homosexuality. For those that state anti-gay sentiments due to non propagation of the species with fears of extinction; then I guess the United States' recent CENSUS figures reflect a negative impact due to our presence? How many people are estimated in the world now?

Are You Dating a Man or a Boy? 10 Home Goods That Will Tell You

Jan 2nd 2011 10:10PM It appears alot of these articles constantly deride men. I've known a couple of women that were complete slobs. I 've also worked in retail stores and the slobs are unquestionably women that leave mountains of clothes piled up in dressing rooms. If the majority of women think they're so perfect, then talk to both women and men that clean WOMEN'S rest rooms and the bloody refuse they leave behind. You know many of you have encountered this, so don't talk about men that splatter the seat. Fact is, there are many men that keep clean, meticulous homes and many women need to realize they aren't perfect. I tend to be amused perousing these articles written by women on how to please a man in bed, or how to get or keep a man. Women make big mistakes by trying to simplify men which is degrading and sexist. Like women, men are different and every one is different. Not all men are wired for sex like a dog being happy with a dinner dish. Many men also want an emotional "orgasm" so to speak to coincide with the physical aspect. Men will not always admit it, but men also want to feel sexy and handsome. Men find women difficult to figure out and many women that talk about it find men the same way. I suggest the best way for a heterosexual woman seeking advice on how a man might think is for her to get acquainted with a gay one.


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