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Bob Booker

Bob Booker

Member Since Jul 10th, 2006

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Hugh Hefner Slaps Crystal Harris Playboy Cover With Scarlet Letter

Jun 16th 2011 11:37PM No fool like an old rich fool.

Charlie Sheen in Negotiations for New TV Show

Jun 14th 2011 5:41PM Charlie will be fine until his next meltdown with booze and drugs. Some things never change.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Mistress Threatens to Sue Over Story

May 26th 2011 5:43PM Arnold . What were you thinking?? You must have been drunk out of your mind. This woman is a true example of "Coyote Ugly " When you wake up the next morning you chew off your arm so you won't have to wake her up.

Gilbert Gottfried Faults Media for Tsunami Backlash

May 1st 2011 7:39AM Gilbert, You crossed the line that should never have been crossed. It is not a joke to the people in Japan who lost loved ones . You are an insensitive jerk.

Lindsay Lohan Sentenced to 120 Days in Jail

Apr 22nd 2011 7:51PM Looks like the judge is getting serious with this little loser. She will give a stiff tough sentence of at least 12 hours in jail for the probation and 12 hours for the theft. She will let her serve them concurrently so she will not be in jail too long.

Nicolas Cage Arrested on Domestic Violence Charge

Apr 16th 2011 7:30PM Put him and Wildman Charlie in the same cell. That should keep the jailers up all night.

Michael Lohan Arrested for Domestic Violence

Mar 22nd 2011 9:41AM And we wonder why the daughter is so screwed up. What makes this guy a celebrity ?

Decision 2012: Katie Couric and Ricki Lake to Duke It Out for Daytime Slot?

Mar 17th 2011 10:50AM Don't know what Katie has ever done except bomb herself. She was continually # 3 out of 3 on the nightly news for CBS. Being Miss Cutsey won't get it done nowadays.

Aretha Franklin Denies Gastric Bypass Rumors

Mar 11th 2011 5:26PM Several months ago we were all concerned about her. Now with the weight loss, she looks great and is feeling good. Who cares for the reason ? Congratulations and Best Wishes. It ain't nobodys business but hers. Quit snooping and get a life .

Police Storm Charlie Sheen's Home

Mar 11th 2011 10:05AM I am tired of all the Charlie Sheen crap being reported. If he OD's or shoots himself, it is OK with me. Just go away. His fate is brewing and is just arond the corner unless he is put in a rubbber room.


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