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Weight Loss Hit a Plateau? Try These Superfoods

May 3rd 2011 4:17PM I'm with you! Frozen berries aren't quite as expensive and I've read that many frozen foods are actually more nutrient-rich than fresh. That's because they are frozen close to where they are grown, so there isn't that long trip that fresh berries take.

Which Sleep Style Is Healthiest?

Apr 27th 2011 3:53AM As one who has sleep apnea, I couldn't agree more! It's like putting a band-aid on melanoma.

Which Sleep Style Is Healthiest?

Apr 27th 2011 3:47AM While I share your Christian faith, I need to point out that the "truth" you mention is actually Jesus Christ. Also, it's inconsistent with our faith to refer to anyone as dumb.

Which Sleep Style Is Healthiest?

Apr 27th 2011 3:14AM Actually, our bodies become temporarily paralyzed during REM sleep. This is a protective mechanism to prevent us from acting on the vivid dreams we have during REM. For instance, if you dreamed you were being chased you might end up on the floor or might hurt your spouse.

Charlie Sheen's Ex, Brooke Mueller, Tries to Pawn Jewelry

Apr 17th 2011 3:08AM Women have issues?? Have you noticed Sheen making a fool of himself lately? Now there's a GUY who has issues!

Outrageous Interview Blunders 2011

Jan 31st 2011 1:39AM I usually don't say anything about "the young kids nowadays," but I know what you're talking about. A salesperson who was waiting on me was chewing gum, talking around it and popping it. I asked him if he would please remove his gum. He asked why. I told him it was bothering me. He laughed and kept the gum. Arrogant!

Cooking Spray - Unusual Uses

Jan 18th 2011 5:14AM I've put it on my hands before forming meatballs and cookies and when handling hot candy. It would work for making popcorn balls, also.

Smart People Stay Up Late and Sleep Late

Nov 14th 2010 2:36AM Gee, doc, I've never read anything a doctor wrote that was so full of run-on sentences, bad grammar, and misused words. I'm impressed that you graduated from high school, let alone medical school. They've really lowered their standards. If the healthcare bill doesn't kill us all, then doctors of your caliber will for sure. To be blunt, quit playing dress-up and pretending you're a doctor!

Mel Gibson Gearing Up to Say 'I'm Sorry'

Oct 27th 2010 1:23AM I agree. I doubt if O'Reilly would do such an interview, but it would be great if he did. He does his homework and nobody gets away with anything when he's doing the interview.

Unusual Uses for Vodka

Oct 9th 2010 9:23PM Vodka is in several recipes I've seen for homemade antibacterial hand gel. But you're right, alcohol can be used the same way, and it's probably cheaper.


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