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DIY Decline: Are Men Less Handy Than They Used to Be?

Apr 26th 2011 9:07AM The men of today are a bunch of Sissy Boys who as a rule preferre to play computer games than lean anything about wood working, auto repair or even planting and maintaing a small graden unless it;s pot plants. I fear that if and when the time comes should China or the Sovets decide to invade America the men of today will meet them with a game controler. All of the real man join the Military but the Sissy's meet at Starbucks or McDonalds to talk about their new game or some Mullet they know.

Scarlett Johansson Is Half Sean Penn's Age; Thoughts?

Mar 15th 2011 7:16AM Do you know why there is no looting going on in Japan ? It's because there are no Blacks or Mexicans there. Or White Trash either.

Lindsay Lohan Declines Plea Deal; Judge Warns 'This Case Involves Jail Time'

Feb 23rd 2011 6:44PM She, Lohan has already been allowed more than John Q public would have got because of who she is. I say throw the tramp in jail and then throw the Key away. This young lady is nothing but trash of the tuffest kind. Just pure old Lousisana trash.

Help! My Tax Documents Are Late!

Feb 22nd 2011 7:45AM First, Never fear. Gather who runs the Treasury Department don't pay his Taxes either.
2nd- More IRS people avoid their taxes than any other group of people along with the Pos Office workers.
3rd- I did see where the IRS had let out a request for bids on Remimington Shot Guns of a certain design ( Riot Gun) to have more guns on hand. It would sound like to me another SS is forming but this time it's in America.
And when all of this is said and the taxes filed let's not foget the most important factor of all. It's our Money and the Bastards work for us not we for them .

Ten Most Flexible Jobs and What They Pay

Jan 30th 2011 4:23PM Hold on just a minute people. The best paid job in America is with the Government. If you will remember Obumble raise the pay of every government employe to no less than Six Figures. So if your hired by a Democrat you to can hold a wall up while being paid for it. You can also fill like a Bureaucrat and be part of the bureaucracy that is screwing the Tax Payers every day. So remember, when you see your mail person and think what a hard job he or she has think again, that person is making in most cases more money a year than you.

My Grandson's Meltdowns Are Wearing Us Out!

Jan 18th 2011 8:41AM I would be willing to bet that Moma was raised by a mother who read Dr.Spock's Book on raising kids. Spook never had a kid of his own and today you see the out come of his book. Kids that throw fits in stores, that have no work ethicswhen they get older and use drugs to a large degree. When my own son.s were small and went to the store with mom they stuck to her like four little ducks.She allowed no fits and if one tried they got their butt whipped right there in the store as was expected by other shoppers. My sons all grew up to be productive, going to the Military, staying 20 years and retireing. Could not have asked for better children or men. So sparing the stick spoils the child and you see where you are at today.

CBS Midseason Schedule: 'Blue Bloods,' 'Defenders' Move

Dec 26th 2010 11:00AM Blue Bloods and Criminal Minds are the only two programs my wife and I watch on any of the Alphabet Networks. Reason being First their News is a pack of lies, second their programing is poor to say the least. We have Sattelite and more channels than we can watch so we can always find somwthing other than a Network program to watch, say like Fox News.

Shep Smith Ruins Bill O'Reilly's Tie, Worries About His Future (VIDEO)

Dec 19th 2010 10:35AM First off to reply to another bloger's about Shepard Smith. He is from around Holly Springs Mississippi just South of Memphis TN and he is 100% Democrat. He is arrogant and full of himself. Myself I have wondered about his sexual preferrances. I do know he was once married in Miami and left her when he moved on. As far the Purto Rican Geraldo I dispise him and his sensationalism. I told Fox when they hired him he was trash and their reply was "Give him a chance". Well he is still as Liberal as he was and I fell he should have been locked up years ago for some of his tricks, at least put on a terrorist list.

Bride Sues Groom for Leaving Her at the Altar -- To the Tune of $95K

Dec 16th 2010 8:20AM There is an old saying. The apple don't fall from the tree. And if the young man looks at the mom then he knows what down the pike for him. It may be to much. My advice for any young man with thoughts of Marrage in his eyes are first check her Mom out for if Mom is a Bitch so will the Bride be. If Mom is lazy and don't keep a clean house then Boy are you ready to live in filth ? And if Mom was fast in her younger days cheating on Pop they prepare yourself, find you a Mistress. Some women are born tramps and never change.

80 Percent of Married People Hide Purchases From Their Spouses

Dec 14th 2010 9:13AM Why should a woman have to tell her Husband every time she buys something new to wear as long as she pays cash for it ? She shouldn't no more than he should have to tell her about the purchase on a new rifle or fighing rod or reel. I have been married to the same woman for 52 years and never question her about what she buys.


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