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25 Unusual Things You Can Put in The Dishwasher

Nov 20th 2010 4:03PM Hey Pat....
I tried cleaning my dog door flap with grease lightening once... DON'T DO IT!! It ate away at the rubber and I wound up having to buy a new one. I have the door by "pet safe" and it removes easily enough. I'm glad now for this tip on throwing it into the does get gross.

The Most Irritating Phrases in the English Language

Nov 14th 2008 9:51AM What I can't stand: "My Bad" or "Dude" (even when referring to a female)

Post, Times, Star Tossed Off Obama Plane?

Oct 31st 2008 7:10PM I get it, we're angry, we're emotional. We've all lost money, jobs, and it's not getting better. I get it. However, I also get that by taming my emotions, and educating myself a bit, I can better see the direction of hope for my family, and this country. Emotions and anger are a funny thing....they make us do things we wind up later regretting.

In taming my emotions, I see this election as a nation divided, conducting itself in a disturbing best, irrational, and at worst, hateful. I see the media feeding this divide, raping us of our right to make an educated decision during one of the most important elections of our lifetime by using *wardrobe* as a distraction for what is really important; our economy, our security, global issues, war, and most importantly the future of our families and country.

Here we are, less then a week away and I have limited, one sided information on which to base a clear, rational decision. I can't base my vote on your emotions and hate for either campaign. I don't want comparative links to parties. McCain/Palin have a record of standing up against their own party of corrupt Republicans, and Obama is far more left then any of his democratic colleagues....parties don't count. I want to know about accomplishments, plans, and who the right person is for the job and why.

Although I have many concerns of which to base my vote, I'll stick to the main two: Economy and Homeland Security.

So calmly, unemotionally I begin my journey.

I ask Obama supporters as to what he's accomplished and why this country and my family would be better off with his policies of change. I receive hateful emotion for Bush, the war, McCain's choice of running mate, and the economy (of which both parties are responsible in my opinion). Obama supporters would not answer me on accomplishments which I found disturbing. More disturbing is there is very limited information available on the internet as far as clear cut Obama policies.

I found that McCain supporter's could not only answer what McCain and Palin have accomplished, but the information is out there and available to back it up as well. Doesn't Obama deserve the same available, balanced information so his supporters can answer people like me? Doesn't this country need change based not on mass media frenzy but on a plan that we know will work and why?

The only clear information I could find (barring economic policy) pertains to McCain/Palin. Who they are, what they stand for, where they come from, their political agendas, and most importantly, their accomplishments. I find this kind of interesting considering the left winged media.

In this last week before election, the economy has become the main focus of both campaigns. Watching the media coverage of Obama's plan, I can objectively see the soaring momentum of hope, of change, and the promise of a great economy. Under Obama's plan we will build the economy from the bottom up....and under McCain's plan we will restore our economy from the top down. Watching and reading the news day after day I can see how McCain's plan will continue a lower *tax break* for business which will continue to hurt and eventually snuff out the middle class. Obama will raise taxes on these businesses (and the rich) and give it back to me the middle class. This will mean a better life, and financial security for me and my family.

But then, in taming my emotions, which was hard given the light that is promised at the end of this dark tunnel, I started analyzing what this actually means to me and my family. I rationally, and objectively, looked at both plans applying them to my own little existence.

I own a very small manufacturing/retail business which I hope to grow in the next few years. Business is business, and I'm pretty sure, big or small, they are basically run the same, barring corrupt CEO's. This past year we have been hit hard across the board with inflationary cost increases from product to shipping. So what were we forced to do? We had to raise our prices and pass the increases on to the consumer. That's the way it works in business, either that or close your doors.

I looked at my books compared to last year. In a waning economy, my numbers are down, businesses everywhere are hurting. People don't have the money to spend. Under Obama's plan, my business will be taxed higher and I'll have to again raise my prices and pass down the increase to the consumer. But, not so well spent tax dollars will stimulate the economy putting my tax dollars back into the hands of the consumers who will then have enough money to spend in my store. No this is what spread the wealth means in my little world. I can deal.

But wait, (more analyzing) if I raise my prices again will my product really be worth that much? Will the consumer really pay that much? Can my wholesale accounts make a profit when I raise their prices? No. Hmmm, ok, so I can't raise my prices...but then how do I adjust to this tax increase? I have three options:

1) Watch my business suffer a loss that would prevent it from growing which would have created new jobs.

2) Close up shop and everyone loses their job.

3) Fire several employees to offset the tax burden and I'll just work triple overtime for free so I can pay the Gov.

Obama's plan now looks a little threatening to me, my business, my family, and the families my business supports.

Wouldn't bigger business be faced with the same decisions?

Taming my emotions, I took a look at the state of NJ where I live. A democratic state where Obama's plan is already in action. We have the highest taxes across the board in the nation, from sales tax, income tax, property tax, payroll tax, even cigarette tax. We receive high revenues from casinos, lotteries and toll roads. Yet, we have the highest deficit. How can that be? Because we have the highest state run *programs*, the highest number of people living off those programs, and the highest paid Gov officials (per job description) in the nation. NJ is also the worse state for small business as we pay the highest business tax....voted #1. Obama's economic plan isn't working would it work nationally with Palosi and a left wing majority?

Ok, so I kind of made up my mind regarding economics after doing a bit of research. And by the way, I found out that with NJ being the highest across the board in taxes, state programs, highest deficit, and outrageous Gov payroll, Alaska is the lowest, and boasts a surplus.

What about Homeland Security? With the exception of an economic plan, Obama's campaign falls short of providing clear cut information as to why my family and I could and would be *safe* under Obama's regime. In fact, the only mention of security was Biden threatening an imminent attack on the US within the first 6 months if Obama were elected. Scary, yes. And more frightening are the characters to whom Obama has been linked. But again, information is sketchy at best.

So with tamed emotions I look to what information I do have on which to base my decision on Homeland Security. I would think that serving in the military for 22 years and being held prisoner of war for over 5 years would clue McCain in to our enemies a tad more then Obama who's had no life experiences in this area whatsover. Alaska is America's first line of missile interceptor defense that protects the entire United States. The 49th Missile Defense Battalion of Alaska National Guard is the only National Guard on Permanent Active Duty. Palin is the Commander in Chief of the 49th Missile Defense Battalion of Alaska National Guard. What U.S. governor is routinely briefed on highly classified military issues, homeland security, and counter terrorism? You got it, Palin. And what U.S. governor has a higher classified security rating than either candidate of the Democrat Party? Governor Sarah Palin, Alaska. Does that make McCain/Palin experts? Absolutely not. But I can't find any information that makes the Obama/Biden ticket more qualified.

With less then a week to go, please folks, I beg you, drop your hate, drop your party, forget media frenzy and the consensus of the masses. Research the candidates based on *your* concerns, tame your emotional demons and vote rationally for the good of your family, and this country.

Hot Seat: Joe the Plumber

Oct 17th 2008 5:53PM AMEN CATINA!!! Excellent post.
But HOW do we get this out to the uneducated??? It's so damned frustrating!

The Affirmative Case: Caleb For McCain

Oct 14th 2008 2:50PM McCain has my vote BECAUSE OF THIS ECONOMY...The dems got us into this mess by threatening the lenders with fines if they DID NOT LOAN TO THOSE WHO DO NOT QUALIFY, FOR THOSE WITHOUT THE FINANCIAL MEANS TO MAINTAIN A MORTGAGE, ETC! We are now suffering the *fallout* which was inevidable. I'm sick of the dems having ZERO reason to vote for O with the exception of the economy which his partly to blame! We will have MORE of this economic crisis if O gets elected. RESEARCH THIS!!!! It's fact, not my opinion.

The Affirmative Case: Dave for McCain

Oct 10th 2008 5:23PM I am so sick of the McCain/Bush comparison. McCain is NO BUSH just as Obama is NO CLINTON! I believe McCain will bring this country back with much needed integrity, honesty, and morals. I believe Obama will steer us straight into socialism. His mantra, ad nauseum, "It's just not fair". Well, in my world, it's "not fair" to work your butt off and be forced to hand over my hard owned pay to those who choose not to! We have CHOICES, and the choices we make every day reflect how we live our lives. Obama will take away our choices, make everyone *equal* and that's "Just not fair". We all have equal rights, and the equal ability to make choices. For those who choose the wrong choices on a daily basis, well, as I tell my kids, you need to live with the consequences of those choices! Will I choose to help them? Yes, but it will be MY choice whom I choose to aide! I will NOT allow someone to dictate how I live my life, what Drs. I should see, what health plan is right for me or my family. As a detective, and sitting surveilance many hours, I have watched more of my tax dollars going up peoples noses & food stamps being traded for crack. As a woman, I have paid thousands of dollars on health care for things my insurance company wouldn't additional mamograms, etc., while I watch our liberals allow immigrants pass through our borders and get FREE health care. THIS is what's "not fair". As Obama says in all his speeches, "Why should the waitress not have what you have when you can afford to GIVE IT TO HER!!" I'll tell you WHY Mr. O....because the waitress chose to be a waitress. Mr. O in the last debate when on and on regarding how he made it to where he was working his way up regardless of his "no means" background. HELLO!!! SO DID I!!! Choices!!! Mr O, you chose to make something of your self, the waitress chose to be a waitress, end of story! Our freedom as we know it will be a thing of the past if Obama is elected. Our country will not be protected, the influx of immigrants sucking off the system, and sucking us dry making us weaker as a nation. The more we *need* gov, the weaker we will become and Gov will grow in strength. Mr. O is setting up this very scenerio as we live and breathe folks. Gov should protect...and I'm willing to pay for that protection...but I WILL NOT pay to weaken this great nation.


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