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Organize Your Closet

Jan 10th 2011 5:11PM I want hard, wooden, locking doors on my closets not soft, cloth curtains. I live with four cats and I don't want them climbing my silk blouses. As it is we have to block the sliding doors with large wooden dowels or heavy boxes or whatever keeps the doors form being opened by clever cats.

Unusual Uses: Digital Cameras - 22 Clever Uses

Feb 6th 2010 5:43PM Joel, what if your digital camera shows the TV remote is working, but the remote still has no effect on the TV? Do you know how to fix the problem?

Unusual Uses: Digital Cameras - 22 Clever Uses

Feb 6th 2010 5:31PM I've used many many these of tips. I would add taking photos of the contents of your luggage. I would also add tkaing photos of the serial numbers of those belongings that have them and have a wirten list as well. Take photos of your pets that can be used as identification, especially photos of special markings on the face and body. My pet sitter requires this. I use my cellphone camera to take photos of clothing design or embellishment ideas I want to remember, I used to make sketches, but could never figure out the sketches later. Also, photos of finished projects ( i.e. costumes, props, sets you've designed, cakes you've decorated, jewelry you've made, etc.) are great for your portfolio. Oh, the many and wondrous uses for a camera!!

Five reasons to leave your camera at home

Feb 5th 2010 4:09PM My camera goes with me almost everywhere I go. I hate, for the most part, posed pictures and would not DREAM of asking someone to pose for a picture. Especially, a photo in front of: the Eiffel Tower, Mt, Rainier, the Golden Gate Bridge, that beautiful sunset on Maui, you name and I'll bet somebody, somewhere, has several such photos. It's a joke between my husband and me that many people have to have a photo of themselves in front of - whatever. Especially, those of a certain ethnicity In our travels we see a lot of their taking such phots. I agree with M.M. that a parent shouldn't rush his/her child topose with M.M. for a phot. Stand back instead and try to capture that look of delight and wonder as the child spies Mickey. That's a much better photo.
I had the great fortune many years ago of capturing an unusual and adorable picture of a young tiger cub being hugged by a pretty blonde caretaker and licking her thumb. The ocassion was a visit to a wild animal park in CA where four young tiger cubs were put in an outdoor enclosure to play and romp whle beng watched by several caretakers and lots of visitors. This one cartaker was lying on the ground (reaon not remembered) and this one little striped guty cam along and got on her behind and started kneading. And, of course cat claws being sharp, the gal sat up in a hurry grabbed the cub and hugged him to her, his back against her body. In my photo you can see his little pink tongue making contact with her thumb. If I hadn't been taking pictures of those adorable little big cats (I adore cats and babies)...

William F. Buckley's Son for Obama

Oct 11th 2008 2:59AM Obama needs to be questioned regarding his potential choices of cabinet members. Specifics, please. Names and positions please. Will Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan, William Ayers, Father Michael Pfleger and others of their ilk be given cabinet positions in an Obama presidency? And, how about ACORN? What realtionship will that organization have to an Obama presidency? Do we really want these men in important government positions" We need to ask the question, now. Specifics, please. Names and positions, please. I'm sure he has some idea, even now.


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