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Obesity Was No Laughing Matter For Comedian Sonya D

Jul 13th 2010 11:14AM Hey lady you look great, you are an inspiration to others. Keep it up, best of luck to ya.

McDonald's ends 'McFight' with collegiate charity concert promoter

Jul 13th 2010 11:09AM No other news outlets pick up on a story when it is a big organization that does things wrong anymore. Our news is one sided and regulated now.

Bad Breath: The Worst Work Offense

Jul 9th 2010 2:20AM Good for you Sue, hang in there for your partner. Hope you both have a lifetime of happiness.

Summer Trends -- What Turns Guys On, and What Flummoxes Us

Jun 26th 2010 7:51PM Once again, somebody else is deciding what is best for the American people and what they should like or dislike. Americans like to decide what is best and likeable for themselves. Next they are going to decide everything that we should think, like and approve of. Or are they already doing that?

Life Imitates Art for Gaga But Has She Gone Too Far?

Jun 24th 2010 11:12AM She looks like Barbra Strisand from the side.

Luv Coach Q&A: Find a New Man

Jun 24th 2010 3:24AM Kimberly, dump the cheater. Unless he stands up for you all the time, you won't know when it will happen next. He has enjoyed more then meals with his son's girlfriend. There will be a next time with somebody else. You shouldn't even look back at an idiot that teams up against you and your happiness. There are guys that have more character then him. Best of luck to you.

Former 'Biggest Loser' Contestant Calls the Show 'Dangerous'

Jun 22nd 2010 11:59AM Die skinny and leave a good-looking corpse. Or die a little overweight and leave a happy corpse. Decisions, decisions.

Game, pop culture sites among highest risk for malware

Jun 20th 2010 10:32AM Hurry Sara and Ivan.

Taylor Swift Honored at Songwriters Hall of Fame Ceremony

Jun 20th 2010 5:53AM She looks good and sounds good, at a time where we are short of hero's and talented people. I'm glad she made it. Best of luck.

Dear Abby, Here's Why You Should Have Never Set Sail ...

Jun 15th 2010 10:33PM Die early and leave a good looking corpse.


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