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Vic Chesnutt Struggling to Pay $35,000 Hospital Bill

Oct 23rd 2009 9:07AM I'm sorry Kevin, but which president has been in office for 20 months to cause what type of damage?

Vic Chesnutt Struggling to Pay $35,000 Hospital Bill

Oct 23rd 2009 9:01AM Several years ago, I was employed by a not-for-profit, big name insurance company. At that time, the CEO announced that escalating health care costs were an issue and that he wanted the company to work on bringing those costs down. Guess it hasn't happened.
When a hospital charges $28 dollars for the use of a scapel or $14 for a disposable gown, that's just wrong. When a physician bills $148 for an office visit--- where you saw the physician 20 minutes after waiting 2 hours--- that's just wrong.
Health care COSTS must be reined in, but the people can't simply sit at their computers commenting on it, they have to be proactive about it. Start with contacting your elected officials week after week after week. Get your friends and family to do the same.

Would You Shave Off Your Eyebrows in the Name of Fashion?

Jul 20th 2009 9:04AM Mine were nearly all plucked out in the early/mid 70s. I thought it looked 'cool.' I look at photos from that era now and wonder if my brain was operational during that period of my life.

Homemade furniture polish

Jun 20th 2009 7:05PM I have used vinegar and baking soda for cleaning off and on for 20-years. The past five years have found me dedicated to using this duo solely for cleaning needs. Indeed, their use may take a tad bit longer and there may need to be a little 'elbow grease' involved. I have set aside chemical cleaners and immediate gratification to be kinder to our indoor environment and to be active in creation care.
Now, instead of using 'earth friendly' furniture care products, I am about to dabble in a self-made, natural product. I'm actually kinda excited about it! I will experiment until I find something satisfactory but can tell you right now that the lemon in this mixture sure does smell refreshing!
Here's to a world worthy of leaving to our children and their children--- making a choice, one person at a time!

The 11 Saddest Animal Movie Deaths of All Time

Jun 13th 2009 12:11AM What about Dumbo or The Fox and the Hound? Goodness! It appears that we are all totally messed up and unable to function. Guess we need to do extreme Christian fundamentalism and never, ever, ever, see a movie nor allow your children to view a movie. They may wind up as messed up as you are! HAH!

Worst Tattoos on Women

Apr 22nd 2009 11:11PM The tat on my right shoulder blade is now 20 years old. Thinking that what was an incredible, rebel, ahead-of-my-time idea then is not such a good idea now. Much to be said for hindsight.

First graders go on field trip to teacher's same sex wedding

Oct 15th 2008 9:35AM Parents are a child's first teacher(s). Attending weddings should fall under their watch which make for family bonding and memories.
Teachers cannot and should not teach a child 'everything.' That makes them glorified babysitters.


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