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A Message From the Team

Dec 21st 2012 8:16AM Before we can have any effective gun control laws, we need to drastically cleanse the corruption that is so prevalent in our largest cities, even extending to the federal government. I keep hearing the rationale of "saving at least one life," but at the cost of sacrificing - how many others? Our largest cities all have "strong gun control laws, yet they are among the most violent in this country. Why? Might it be poor or highly selective (discriminatory) enforcement? I live in the D.C. metropolitan area. A number of years ago, a local reporter disclosed that guns were being taken from the DCPD property room and sold on the street. The DCPD made a big public show out of firing a few recently hired rookies, yet there was virtually zero acknowledgement of any role that higher-ups who were in charge might have been involved. On the federal level ATF actually forced gun dealers to go through deals with straw buyers to sell firearms and ammunition, which went directly to criminals. Remember "Fast and Furious?" I sure do. While there were roughly three or more Americans killed, how many, possibly hundreds, of Mexicans were killed? And apparently Mexico's own national gun control laws were too contemptible to warrant ant respect from this country.

A Prehistoric Woman's Place Was Not in the Cave

Jun 2nd 2011 5:52PM I have a background in Biological Sciences. I have consistently noticed that once science is pulled out of the laboratory and applied in social terms, that it ceases being scientific and tends to be mishandled to gratify the fantasies of academics. During the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the mostly male academics pushed endless "kill-kill-kill, rape-rape-rape, kill-kill-kill" as the only way primitive society functioned because it seemed to justify the ideologies of the time. It was not until the early 2000's that archeological evidence showing mixed breeding between modern humans and neandertal humans was finally accepted and not suppressed.

I now wonder if current theories about the roles of primitive women amount to just one more academic fantasy.

Click and Support Veterans via Facebook and Twitter

May 30th 2011 7:45AM I served 1968-1972. I had a science degree, so I spent nearly three years of my enlistment working in a military laboratory. I came out with positive references as to my abilities. The Civil Service stated I was qualified for GS-7, but I would only be given preference over any non-veteran who had a four-year absence from the field. When I tried applying for government technical jobs, my experience was deemed "military,therefore not relevant to current needs." Some offered a GS-5 and a "promise." When I finally did get a GS-7 position from a Public Health Service officer, the departmental director declared that the analytical equipment I was hired to operate was "doctor only." I was downgraded to doing manual work only while being repeatedly reminded that I was not "working up to GS-7 standards." Strangely they actually seemed shocked when I got angry and quit - leaving all that "wonderful job security" behind.

Local employment agencies would totally disregard my degree and skills and only offer minimum wage security guard jobs.

And the VA? I only got numerous six-to-eight-week waits followed by "You must re-submits." I was also given endless run-arounds. Fellow veterans I knew who finally started receiving benefits for their lost limbs were subject to having their benefits cut off until they could prove to the VA's "satisfaction" their limbs had not grown back (more numerous six-to-eight-week waits followed by "You must re-submits").

I frankly have much more to say, but if I do, I'll write a book

Unclog a Drain: Baking Soda Vs. Drano

Apr 16th 2011 7:05AM You supplied good information and did not try to do so by running a blabbering video, which would have immediately made me hit the close tab and not even think of coming back. Yes, AOL, most of us are sufficiently literate enough to read instructions and save the critical parts. We gain absolutely nothing from being rapidly blabbered at.

Why Did TSA Pat Down Kids, Adults Getting Off Train?

Mar 1st 2011 8:13AM Any terrorist can rent a car and not use public transportation to get to their target city or just get to their hiding place where they can just bide their time before they attack. Does this mean that all drivers will all have to be pulled over and "patted down" before they can continue their journey or their errand? Will ambulances and school buses be pulled over?

This Septuagenarian Will Run, Swim and Bike Laps Around You

Feb 25th 2011 8:33AM I am 65 and still actively employed repairing trucks and buses. One thing I know is that whatever you do at that age, you have to consistently stay physically active, because if you don't you can "go to pot" real quick. It does not have to be sit-ups, chin-ups, jogging or other "official" excercises, just turn off that tv and go outside and take a long walk or a long bike-ride. About bikes - make sure you get the right kind of seat or it's hemorrhoids-ville. At my job, I mostly stay on my feet handling industrial tools and changing brake drums that weigh more than 100 pounds. I also go outside in all kinds to bring in and park vehicles.

My Unemployed Life: Single Mom Learns to Cut Corners and Get Creative

Jan 24th 2011 5:09PM Tonya is extremely fortunate not to be living in a state like Maryland where her children would have been forcibly taken from her and placed in foster care "for their own good" - "their own good" sometimes meaning abuse, sexual assault and even murder. Also in Maryland, the homeowners association would have cracked down on her and even forced her physical removal for having a garden.

Life Without Coffee: How I Tried -- and Failed -- to Give Up Caffeine

Jan 18th 2011 4:54PM Caffeine is not the only culprit in coffee addiction. Coffee is actually caffeine in a mixture of related methylated nucleosides and other organic chemicals. People I know who changed to decaf still suffered withdrawals because the remaining chemicals in the coffee were the actual cause of addiction. For my part, I found I could taper off by reducing my coffee to a "sustaining dose" of one cup every eighteen hours. After two months, I found that I could go indefinitely without coffee, but I depended on using Excedrin or its generic version whenever I got a sinus headache. Excedrin is actually a mixture of aspirin, tylenol and caffeine.

Bank of America Set to Overhaul Account and Fee Structures

Jan 7th 2011 5:50PM Back in 1968, when I was getting training in San Diego, the Bank of America had a branch on the base. To cash their military checks, enlisted men had to pay a service charge of at least $15.00. I stress: the military checks were federal government and not remotely likely to bounce! An acquaintance actually attempted to open an account in an attempt to bypass the service charge, but was not allowed because he was merely an enlisted man. I have had a "red flag" on the Bank of America since then and have and will continue to have absolutely nothing to do with them - the traitors!

Tucker Carlson: Michael Vick 'Should Have Been Executed'

Dec 29th 2010 3:45PM Thank you, Fanhouse SAtaff for totally reaffirming what a total and complete pack of idiots make up fox news. I will continue to stay away and totally avoid them as any source of reliable news.


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