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Romney's 'Housing Plan' Already Making an Impact in La Jolla

Jun 7th 2012 6:19PM Grow up. U.S. Presidents since air travel became normal have gone overseas with their families. They are expected to. A good part of their job is international relations. If he stayed home you'd complain about that.

The way Romney treats his neighbors is indicative of how he will probably treat fellow Americans if he's elected.

Romney's 'Housing Plan' Already Making an Impact in La Jolla

Jun 7th 2012 6:13PM I and my disabled son live in a tiny two-bedroom, one bathroom home that is badly in need of repair. Forced into retirement, I have worked hard all my life and,because of my disability, harder than most.

I hate it when people build McMansions that devalue the surrounding homes. They shouldn't block the ocean view of any neighbor. Uneeded renovation causes other problems. A friend of mine had to fight rats which came from a home being renovated.

War Vet Accuses Pacifist Landlady of Discrimination

Jun 5th 2012 9:38PM I am a pacifist too. I get sick and tired of being called a communist, a traitor and worse. However, I would have rented to this young man. We must learn to get along in this country.

HUD Renegs on Letting Evicted 101-Year-Old Return Home

Jan 23rd 2012 3:21PM Title of this article is misleading. When you read the entire piece you see that the Feds are still trying to help her by referring her to assistance groups. Maybe Habitat for Humanity might help.

I have empathy with her, but think that she shouldn't be living by herself at that age, unless she has daily help. Nursing aides may not want to come to her home if it is unsanitary.

This brings up another question: what do aging seniors do when they don't have enough money to pay for home help care aides or assisted living and their children (if they have any) don't want them to live with them?

Could your cell phone make you an in-flight killer?

Sep 3rd 2011 4:04PM Why can't all passengers/crew turn their electronic devices off for the few minutes that taking off and landing require?. People who keep them on think that the world revolves around them. Guess what, no one will die if you turn them off, but somone (maybe even you) may die if you keep them on.

How Old Is Too Old to Wear a Miniskirt?

May 13th 2011 8:41PM Stilettos are not healthy for any person no matter what age. Ditto for narrow-toed shoes. Stilettos were designed by a man to accentuate women's butts. I dislike shopping for shoes because it's difficult to find comfortable yet beautiful shoes.

The 10 Happiest Jobs In America

Mar 6th 2011 12:09PM Please check your copy. Research scientists certainly make more than $14,000/year. If you need a good proofreader, I'm looking for a part-time job.

Westminster Dog Show 2011 - Behind the Scenes

Feb 15th 2011 5:00PM I got my 5 yo German Shepherd from county pound last year. They were about to euthanize her along with many other dogs including two other beautiful German Shepherds. To breed the "perfect" show dog, many puppies are birthed. The "rejects" land in kill animal shelters.

How Important is Middle School?

Feb 11th 2011 8:06AM I wasn't a fan of George H. Bush or Laura. However, I think this is a serious issue, and Bush bashing should be left at the door. Everyone, no matter what your politics are, should be concerned about education and well-being of our students.

Sometimes I get confused about what is considered middle school and what is considered junior high. My own son, who used to be happy and outgoing, became morose and taciturn when he became 9-10 years old. I think social stress becomes heightened at this age by fact that kids worry not just about whether their same sex peers accept them, but also whether members of opposite sex like them too.

Emotional Vampires: The 5 Most Common Types -- And How to Slay Them

Jan 31st 2011 10:25AM To person who said that the Cross will always save you from emotional vampires, you are wrong. I grew up with a physically abusive father. When I told nuns at Catholic school where I went they did nothing. Showed me no empathy at all. They just told me that I should pray for him, which in turn, made me feel that I had done something evil to cause his anger (he even tried to kill my mother.) Funny, I was taunted at school as a "miss goody two shoes" because I tried to be nice all the time. At age 62 I'm finally trying to learn to say "no."


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