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Jail Time for Phoenix Man Who Hosted Bible Study at His Home

Jul 8th 2012 10:11AM Satan is running this eath now, Satan is right here on this earth and all his angles. We can not trust our goverment in the last days, and we are in the last days. We ask, What are we to do? Don't worry GOD is going to take care of his people. Many have died for preaching the word of God. We are only human now, we do not have the power that Satan has, yet. But Glory to GOD we soon will have and more. We have to fight for our rights, But today our fights with our goverment will do no good. Pray for Jesus to return, his return is our hope.

Mom's Spanking Fuels Toddler's Aggression

Jul 11th 2011 8:53PM Many children need spankings, that do not get them. Spanking do not hurt no childs mind, spankings are often good for children. Like I give a child time out, say set down. But the child does not obay, laughts and does as they please, with a " shut your mouth before I shut it for you." Shes an only child, she needed spanking years ago, its too late now. I did spank my children, even as babies, I said "NoNo, and even patted the little hand. But it went on its way playing and kind of studing what it did wrong. A very young child can learn right from wrong. It start at the very young age, like walking age, they get into a lot, and that is when they first learn. All children need to see mommy get angry with them, mommy's don't need to keep a smile on all the time. The child need to see mommy react in disapointment. Could be better then a spanking at times. My husband and I raised five children, and we did spank if it was needed, very few times, after it little hit on the back of the hand with a No No! That was teaching right from wrong, and punchement too. I have never had my child slap me, yell no at me, I never had a child on drugs or in jail. We helped raise some of our grandchildren also, all is doing well. I have one grandchild that smokes cigaretts out of 18 grandchildren and 5 children. None children or grandchildren been in jail, or on drugs, I have seen it with other family members, I have been ask, How did you two do it,Even the grandchildren want to please the parents. Well it has took a lot of talk with understanding, careing , Love has always been there, and that little no no with a like brush on the hand and later a pat on the butt. Three boys and two girls, and we don't have to worry, we got good kids all down the line.

Mom's Spanking Fuels Toddler's Aggression

Jul 11th 2011 8:22PM Many children are spoiled, Over spoiling a child can lead to a child yelling NO at the parents, slapping parents in the face, and kicking the parents, Mean to other children, hiting other children, The child is boss, saying you shut up and hear me. I seen a child start this kind of thing, the parents tell the child "Honey please don't hit that little baby, thats not nice and you hurt the baby.: Then that child at age 2 to 3 years." I want to hurt that baby, I don't like that baby, I will slap you mommy is you son't shut up." Then that child goes over and slaps mommy in the face, and mommy crys. Once when we went out to eat that child jurked the table clothe off the table, then took the little flower vaces on other tables and crashed them to the floor. We was ask to leave, and my neice, sister and mother got mad at the owner. That child needed spanking back then, that child is so spoiled, her mother took her for help. As she was being talked to ask questions, she told them, "Your a nut, I will do as I please." That child is 14 years old, she slaps her mother in the face if her mother don't agree with her. This child went to visit my daughter and her five children. She slaps the girl about 2 years younger then she, then spit in her face. My daughter told her, " Look at me girl, you came here to play with my kids, and enjoy yourselfs, not to hit and be bad, you ever hit or spit or even misbehave toward one of tham again and I will spand your ass, no matter if your mother likes it or not. When her mother came to pick her up she told her her aunt was going to spank her. My daughter explaned to her, and told her she would spank her if she ever misbehaved at her home again.. That child is very different toward my daughter and my grandchildren, she visits often and they get alone well. She don't slap her mother around my daughter ether. Some children need spanked.

Confessions of a Mother: Guilty Things Moms Secretly Do

May 6th 2011 3:21PM This mother sounds about like my mother, I was about 5,my sister4, we were playing under a bridge in a river, my mother see's us and she said "If you fall into that water and drown, I going to whip you next week." Then she went on. My sister and I looked and each other, and we just thought of a whipping, we got out of that water. We didn't want a whipping, we had never had one and sure didn't want one. Now if that had been one of my kids, they would not have been playing in any river to start with, even at that young age that knew better. That is not safe to leave a child of 5 in any bath alone, I didn't stand right over then,But I was near and looked in often. I was a stay at home mom, and didn't work until all was in school, and never left my kids with no setters unless they were family members.

Good Friday: Origins, Observances And Fasting Rules

Apr 21st 2011 12:57PM The word easter is in the KJ bible, but it was added. Jesus has nothing to do with eggs and all that , It is a pagon day set by man, Just like Christmas, that is pagon hollidays. The churchs also dearate for holloween, satans day. The bible says to get out of the world, and don't follow the sinners, and don't do as the sinner do. In Jere. 10, there it reads of the foolish, for they go out to the forest with an ax and chop down a tree, and bring it inside and stand it up right with hammer and nail, so it will stand up right, and put on silver and gold. They made it shinny, and don't say anything about lights, but there wasn't any lights back then like we have today. God calls these that do this foolish sinners. My neighbor said she got her tree at WalMart, so she wasn't foolish or a sinner. Good way of thinking!

Good Friday: Origins, Observances And Fasting Rules

Apr 21st 2011 12:43PM Anton: Abib is the for month of the year, the begainning of month is Abib. God set that, and it is in all bibles unless took out or changed, Abib in Hebrew is April.

Good Friday: Origins, Observances And Fasting Rules

Apr 21st 2011 12:33PM Joyce, your right, and you are not blind. God has made you see, right? But think about it, what and you do people worship on December 25th. Saint Nicholes , a man claming to be a saint, he gave great gifts to have people fall down and worship him, his other name is Santa Clause. Jesus was not born on Dec.25, people did their crops and paid their taxes and went to the Feast. Now satan was and is not an ugle being with horns and a tail and he is not red. Satan was the beautiful angel in heaven. Satan today on earth can make bad look good, and that is what he is doing here on earth today. These churches are filled with wise people, they are not dumb, But many are blind to the truth, and only God can and will open their eyes. Well, I was told that my mother was in heaven and she looked down on her children, and she knows all we do. If that is true there are a lot of unhappy people in heaven, seeing their loved ones on earth. Now Jesus said in Matthew, "One does not go up to heaven, unless he first come down from heaven. Yes Jesus told that to a man that wanted to know how he could get to heaven. No human came down from heaven But Jesus. The dead are as they are a sleep, the dead know not any thing.. That is what my KJ bible says. Man has made a lot of different bibles in the past few years, there is on bible reads "up" and the king james read there "down" and I pointed that out to a Jehovah witness not long ago, she was reading to me, I said wait, I got my bible KJ and turned to that page, and showed her it was down and her bible reads up. There is a difference with up and down. She said well, that don't realy matter, that word was studied before changed.I want go by that bible until that is studied and understood. God wants us to prove all things. I once had to prove things to my own self. But the profe is out there, I went and looked many things up and I am glad I did, I was wrong.

Good Friday: Origins, Observances And Fasting Rules

Apr 21st 2011 11:53AM Justin, You are right and I think you muct read your bible and understand what you read. Now there was this man, way before Jesus, He gave great gifts of silver and gold to people to fall down and worship him, he wanted to be a saint and told people he was a saint, they called him Saint Nicholes, that was his name. He is not Jesus, from this saint nicholes there christmas formed, before Jesus was born. Christmas has not one thing to do with Jesus, Jesus was born some time in the fall of the year, People was paying taxes and going to the feast of tabnecles, when Jesus was born. In that country they has cold weather, no shaphards was out watching their sheep there in December. Jesus said not to remember his birth, But to remember his death. Jesus was in the tumb 3 days and 3 nights, he rose on the first day of the week, and day was Sunday, we still use the old roman calendar here today, as it was in the days of Jesus. Justin God has opened your eyes for you to see and understand, that is a blessing, I hardly find any one with that understanding.

Good Friday: Origins, Observances And Fasting Rules

Apr 21st 2011 11:33AM Well, there is one thing about it, The Jewish people will never lose the true Sabbath. All others will. Gods first commandment is "Remember the SABBATH and keep it holy." The Bible (KJ) The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath. The days are from sun down to sun down. And also check this out, God set laws for man, and God said Abib is the first month of the year. Another place says, Abib is the begaining of months. Now the word Abib is still in the KJ bible, and it is a Hebruw name for a month, that month for Abib is April. Sunday is not the Sabbath that God himself set for man, man changed that day to Sunday, Sunday is a day for the sun gods, people worship the sun gods by going out to the sun rise services. Yes Holy day have been changed by man, God said all will know the true sabbath in the last days, the tribe of Judua will never lose the true Sabbath. Many people say they are Jews and are not, we are to know them by their sabbath, and time the sabbath starts, that is sun down to sun down. God says my people will keep my Sabbath, and when Jesus returns they will be keeping Gods Sabbath, not Sunday. The seventh day Sabbath was not set for just the Jews, when God set the Sabbath no Jew was even born, like I was told the Jews do not eat swine,(pork, hogs) But God set the laws of what to eat and what not to eat way before there was any Jew, The laws God set is for all people, and only the true people of God will keep Gods laws. Jesus did not do away with his fathers laws, he said so, Any thing nailed to the cross is to be kept, you nail a picture to the wall to keep it, not toss it out. The first five books of the Bible is laws and comandments for Gods people, God set his laws and satan wants them done away with. The bible says for us to WATCH.

10 Dirty Little Restaurant Secrets

Apr 20th 2011 1:15PM My grandson went to work some years ago, his first job, His grand Dad and I set down to get a burger and the grand went in back to work. I heard the cook tell Sam to drop some chicken, he went in back and stood there with raw chicken in both hands, the cooked looked around, and kind of yelled at Sam. "Hurry drop the chicken." Sam just let go of all that chicken, splaced in the floor. The cook said "what are you doing?" Sam answered " you told me to drop the chicken and that is what I did." He was almost in tears, It was sad and funny, Sam picked up the chicken and put it in the the vat without washing it, and it cooked. Later I ask Sam why he didn't wash that chicken after it had been on the floor, he answered 'The boss didn't tell me to wash it before cooking it." " I do what he says mew maw."


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