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Baby Oil Uses - Unusual Uses

Dec 12th 2008 12:18PM I have extremely curly hair that frizzes a LOT, and an extremely dry and itchy scalp. I hate using gels, but just recently started using baby oil in my hair. My scalp does not itch anymore, and my hair does not frizz. I apply about a dime sized amount to my scalp as soon as I get out of the shower, and use a comb, not a brush. I recommend for all those with dry scalps to try this, and stop using all that nasty, gooky, and expen$ive gel! =)

Sony gets official with PSP-3000

Nov 10th 2008 11:20AM OK... I'm techno illiterate. Please help. My spoiled little nephew is getting the PSP 3000 for his 9th birthday today. Are the UMD Games from "PSP" compatible with the PSP 3000? Please help. Thanks.


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