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Plan to Build Home on Top of Historic Heard Cemetery in Sandy Springs, Ga., Enrages Neighbors

Oct 8th 2012 11:11AM If this piece of land is so important to the neighbors they should buy it!!

Brandy and Maks Still Coming to Terms With Shocking 'Dancing With the Stars' Elimination (VIDEO)

Nov 17th 2010 3:45PM I quit watching DWTS after the first season when I realized that talent had nothing to do with winning.
The program is a colossal waste of time.

Ben Roethlisberger Goal-Line Fumble: Video Review

Oct 25th 2010 4:32PM It seems that the real controversy is 'when did the play end'? The fumble is pretty obvious. The screw-up starts when the officials call it a touchdown and then procede to ignore the fumble or fail to attempt to identify the person who recovers the ball. All of the replays I saw here on Sports News did not show the entire play. The replay officials must have had additional video but it seems that they still blew the final call. How do you not determine which team recovered the fumble???

Mark Renshaw Removed From Tour for Head-Butt in 11th Stage

Jul 15th 2010 11:41PM Not only was it appropriate to toss Renshaw out of the tour, they should take the win away from Cavendish and give it to whoever crossed the line next. Cavendish may be a strong sprinter but he is a loose cannon apparently willing to chance injuring other riders to get his wins. When I see him wearing the yellow jersey or leading one of his teammates to the yellow jersey and a tour win then he will be a team player. Until then he's just a one dimensional racer looking out for himself and the team be damned.

A Fat Marmot Eating a Cookie

Jul 14th 2010 10:17PM Marmots will eat anything that passes their palate test. I've spent most of my life wandering the Sierra in California and the Rockies in Colorado. Both states are home to marmots. The only food I have ever lost to an animal in the back country was to the local marmots. They know that your pack is loaded with goodies and they will try to get to them.
While it may be cute to see an obese marmot the health effects on the animal are about the same as the health effects on obese humans. Who ever is feeding cookies to this animal is shortening its life as sure as an obese person eating fried chicken, fatburgers from the local fast food chain or stuffing their face with sweets is shortening their own life.

Jesse Jackson: Cavs Owner Has 'Slave Master Mentality' About LeBron James

Jul 12th 2010 6:55PM Another racist rant by one of the biggest racists in the US. Call in Al Sharpton, maybe he can add his own racist bent to the discussion.

Celebrate World Naked Bike Ride Day (Yes, We're Serious)

Jun 12th 2010 2:44PM I've seen photos from a few of these "naked rides" and they were pretty ugly. I suspect that most of these people have no idea how they appear to the rest of the world and most likely they don't care.

Bud Selig to Examine Umpiring, Replay; Jim Joyce Call Will Not Be Changed

Jun 3rd 2010 6:43PM I decided years ago that watching grass grow was infinitely more entertaining than watching MLB. Give me a highschool or college game anytime.

The Daily Fix: Ward Off Mosquitoes

Jun 3rd 2010 6:21PM Deet! It is the only substance that has been tested over and over and in each test ends up being the most effective mosquito repellent.

Why You Should Consider a Job With the Federal Government

Apr 25th 2010 9:16PM Thanks Gerry, I thought I spelled it wrong!


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