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World War II Vet John Potter, 91, Faces Eviction by Daughter

Apr 26th 2013 7:20AM How in GOD's name can someone be so spiteful and rotten to the core, the bitch will get hers in the end

Soldier Brandon Weir Must Take Down American Flag, HOA Demands

Mar 1st 2013 8:44AM Is obummer the owner and renting to Brandon Weir, is that why they want it down?

Homeowner Confronts Naked Intruder Choking Pet Rottweiler, Police Say

Jan 6th 2013 9:21AM WTG homeowners but you should have killed the bastard

Homeowner Clint Thornton's Storm-Damaged Ceiling Collapses During TV Interview

Dec 13th 2012 5:26AM too bad it happened in the US, he won't get any government assistance unless he's in a different country

Reverse Mortgages Pose Big Risks for Seniors, Warn Attorneys and U.S. Officials

Dec 10th 2012 3:44AM politicians suck #1 then it's a tossup car salespeople and bankers are heartless scum suckers

Principal Reduction: Is Debt Forgiveness Fair?

Aug 5th 2012 7:20PM Debt forgiveness for someone who just became unemployed is fine in my eyes BUT big corporations and banks well now thats another story, let the government loan them the loot to get back on their feet but the money must be paid back at the rates they loan to you or I, car companies an across the board interest equal to the state tax seems only fair to me.......

Jeffrey Dahmer, Andrea Yates, the Lemp Family: Life Inside Homes Where Grisly Deaths Took Place

Aug 5th 2012 7:16PM I bought a house where an elderly lady had passed on, her spirit is still here, there were always doors closing in the middle of the night so I took them off and stored them in the attic, now she lays them down with a thud, kitchen cabinet doors open right in front of me , the kinds with the magnets to keep them closed, my cat doesn't seem to mind so it's all ok with me, I truly believe in the afterlife....

Cockpit view of night landing in Los Angeles

Mar 24th 2012 12:32PM great video but the music sucks

Census: American Dream of Home Ownership May Be Gone for Good

Oct 9th 2011 5:46PM Buying a house was the biggest mistake I ever made, never again, I'm selling it for what I owe when my beloved pet passes away, it's in Colchester CT 06415

Pamela Anderson | Style Evolution

Jul 1st 2011 3:19PM I have no respect for that pig and couldn't care less what she ever does again


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