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Time to Turn Off National Anthem Before Sports Events

Feb 9th 2011 1:39PM Francis Scott Key must be rolling over in his grave! Not only did Christina add umpteen notes that shouldn't have been there but she sounded like a cat with it's tail in a wringer! Shameful!!!

Patch Might Not Be Best Treatment for Lazy Eye

Dec 14th 2010 9:52PM I was diagnosed with a 'lazy eye' when I was ten days old. My Mom said she saw something wrong with my left eye at that time. By the time I was four, my left eye was down, all the way to the left and the lid was half closed. We were a navy family so the Navy doctors contacted an eye specialist in Philadelphia and he operated on my eye. He raised the lid (somewhat), moved the eyeball to the center (horizontally), but did not raise the eye. So if was still off vertically. They tried glasses, a patch -- nothing worked. I grew up with many nasty headaches. Couldn't go to the movies without getting a headache. Finally when I was almost twenty-seven, I was referred to an upper cervical chiropractor. After hearing my history they told me that the doctor who delivered me in 1939, took ahold of my head as I was being born, and twisted it to free my shoulders. Ten days later my left eye was showing signs of a pinched nerve. The doctors then did not recognize that. These chiropractors saw exactly what happened. They took xrays of my neck, evaluated them and gave me an adjustment. They told me to expect reactions and reactions I got. They also said I'd feel worse before I felt better. And they said, 'NO PAIN KILLERS!" I toughed it out. Everything I had ever injured on my body flaired up on me and in time corrected itself. Within eight months the headaches were gone -- permanently. Other aches and pains disappeared too. As for the eye, I got a lot of activity in it but if you have a deviating eye and it's not corrected by the time a child is eight or nine years old, then the brain will suppress the signal to that eye and when that happens, it's permanent. The vision in it is 20/200. But that adjustment corrected everything else. I still go to an upper cervical chiropractor to maintain my adjustment. I haven't had one single headache since 1967.

Home Ec: How to Remove Dye-Based Stains

May 26th 2010 10:42PM My 30 year old son did a load of whites in the washing machine not realizing that he had left a ball point pen in a shirt pocket. You can't believe the mess it made. Just out of pure stubborness I was going to see if I could conquer it.. And I did! I used hair spray. I sprayed on the backside of the stain, let it set a few minutes and rinsed under cold water while rubbing the fabric together. I kept repeating this until I got it all. It wasn't easy since it was a whole load of laundry but it worked.

Thanksgiving Dinner: How NOT to Fry a Turkey

Nov 18th 2009 8:52PM I will second that!!!

Parents at Odds Over Thanksgiving Costumes

Nov 27th 2008 1:38PM And another malcontent rears her ugly head!!!!


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