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The Best Handmade Holiday Gift I Ever Received

Dec 17th 2010 10:33PM My grandmother also did this. While living at home I can recall when she made a special one for my mother and knitted the initial of our last name in one square. The afgans are huge, made with several different knitting style squares. Then she made one for each of the four of us with our married initials. She also at one time knitted long sweater style coats for all the women in the family. She was so talented!! My grandmother also crocheted doilies. This, I was always wanting to learn and since she taught me how to sew I thought she would be able to teach me to crochet the doilies. Every once in a while I would bring the fine yarn and hook to her and ask her to teach me. She would take the items in her hands and tried and tried but it was almost as if she couldn't perform on command. We would laugh and laugh. Recently I was at a BBQ at my mother's where her two sisters were also in attendance and I brought the needed items to them and asked them to show me. My one Aunt took the hook in her hands and started right away, so fast that I couldn't figure it out but what made us laugh is she said, "Mother woould always tell us we didn't have our fingers in the right spot and move them for us!" My grandmother passed away in 1991 at the age of 75, young by today's standards, and took her secrets with her.

I am forever grateful that she did teach me to sew, and when I was in high school I did crochet a scarf for my boyfriend but I have lost all recollection of how to do that and unfortunately my mother didn't inherit the knitting/crochet gene. I will be seeing both Aunts on New Years Day and I will be prepared to learn to crochet doilies if it kills me......or them!!

Here's to you Grandmom!!!

Kate Gosselin Shows Off Her Bikini Body

Sep 15th 2010 9:22PM OH, and by the way her tummy tuck left her with some pretty ugly keloid scaars on each hip. Not very attractive in a bikini. Leave the bikini's to the little girls.

Can't wait for her timr eto finally be up!!!

Kate Gosselin Shows Off Her Bikini Body

Sep 15th 2010 9:01PM OK, first of all I am NOT impressed with the tummy tuck. Any normal tummy tuck would keep your belly button where it belongs. Hers is far too high, almost to the chest bone. The belly button should be waist height and if she wears her jeans where her belly button is, she is wearing granny jeans!! Also, she may say she never had breast augmentation but there are pictures out there that prove her wrong and it isn't just a "new push up bra".

Why lie? Admit it. Just about every woman in the world has had some work done. But if my tummy tuck turned out like hers, I wouldn't be caught dead in a bikini.

Aren't her 15 minutes up yet????

A dozen ways to use dryer sheets that don't involve the dryer

Aug 8th 2010 9:15PM I use dryer sheets to line my drawers to keep my clothes smelling fresh all the time

Confessions of a Motel Maid

Jul 29th 2010 9:07PM One morning my boyfriend and I woke up and started to make love all morning. Unfortunately he forgot to put the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door and I didn't even think about it. While we were doing our business for four hours the maid knocked on the door several times and my boyfiend was yelling, "Not now!" or "Go away!" or "Leave us alone!". Because the maid did knock several times but neither of us wanted to interrupt out business and get out of bed and put that sign on the doo. It was so funny, we were laughing.

Another Dancing Baby Makes the Rounds

Jun 17th 2010 5:56PM Dancing-cute. However would have been better with a clean diaper. And what is it with parents these days that allow thewir children to dance on bathroom vanities claiming hoe wonderful she is; and this one on the kitchen table? Does anyone have any fear that they will fall and be injured?

'I Dated a Man Who Was Secretly Married'

May 21st 2010 10:46PM I am a flight attendant and I can tell you THIS is what pilots do! It doesn't matter whether it's a helicopter or a jet..... it's in their jeans (genes)!!!!

Little Girl's Daily Affirmation Makes Us Happy

May 21st 2010 1:12AM Johnny,

You and I are coming from the same page. The people here, unfortunately, probably don't know the meaning of the word narcissist.

The parent's of todays children are even afraid to reprimand or even smack a child for bad behavior so insteat the whisper to them how womderful they are; I know this because I am watching my son and his wife raise their two children as narcissist. My granddaughter is the "princess" and my grandson is the "prine'. I dread them growing up in today's world. On the other hand littly Bobby and little Suzie are going about their merry business of being a child. Yes, they are probably being told that they did a great job in school....this does not bring on narcissism.


Little Girl's Daily Affirmation Makes Us Happy

May 20th 2010 9:22PM Amen Johnny!!

Little Girl's Daily Affirmation Makes Us Happy

May 20th 2010 9:15PM For those of you who are hating on us that are saying this child is going to grow us as a's a good read for you, then maybe you'll know what a narcissist is because I am betting that most people here don't know the meaning and how raising your child in this manner is increasing narcissism in the world for the new generation. Once they get out into the world they will be deeply hurt when it finally sinks in that the world doesn't belong to them.

Book: The Narcissism's a real eye opener!!


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