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Charlie Sheen Now Writing His Memoirs

Feb 26th 2011 10:14AM Advice for Charlie. Call Deepak Chopra. Aren't you friends with Demi Moore? She could probably hook you up. Calm down a little and stop talking to the media.

Report: Kim Kardashian Unhappy Being Dragged into Halle Berry's Custody Drama

Feb 4th 2011 8:25AM Wait, Halle hits a car and leaves the scene and Kim is a bad role model? Stop. Kim's goofy, but doesn't seem like she means anyone any harm.

CHiPs Star Larry Wilcox Sentenced After FBI Sting

Jan 29th 2011 10:48AM Just the mention of the word celebrity shows bias. The judge should be looking at him like everyone else. He's a person. He did something wrong. If he wants to give him a second chance, that's alright. But to mention celebrity anywhere along the way means that it was taken into account. Everyone is broke. It's tough out there. Maybe someone will give him an acting job soon. I hope so.

Joan Rivers: FOX Can 'Go F**k Themselves' Over Sarah Palin Controversy

Jan 20th 2011 2:28AM Joan is laughing all the way to the bank. Say what you want, she knows how to make a buck.

Alicia Silverstone Pregnant With Her First Child

Jan 14th 2011 3:04PM Two celebrity vegans in one month! That's terrific news! Hope Alicia and Natalie collaborate on a vegan pregnancy cookbook.

Read Excerpts From Snooki's Book, Prepare to Have Mind Blown

Jan 3rd 2011 6:33PM I think she's going to make a fortune off this book. I laughed out loud when I was reading the excerpts. It's funny. Good luck, Snooks!

Baby Oil - Unusual Uses

Jan 3rd 2011 9:26AM JOHNSON AND JOHNSON STILL ANIMAL TESTS! Check your products before you purchase. If you saw what they do to small, helpless animals you would think twice.

Shania Twain Gets Married in Puerto Rico

Jan 2nd 2011 10:44AM Alls well that ends well. Mazel Tov!

Natalie Portman Engaged and Expecting With 'Black Swan' Partner

Dec 27th 2010 2:04PM Harvard grad, multimillionaire, oscar nominated, likely to be win this year, vegan....

And you guys can't wish her well? If you don't think she's a productive member of society, I'd like to hear who you think is...

Natalie Portman Engaged and Expecting With 'Black Swan' Partner

Dec 27th 2010 1:44PM Her Pop, Huggie Herslag, was my fertility doctor. He probably told her to hurry up.

Hope she writes about her vegan pregnancy. I think it would help other vegan moms.


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