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'Neighbor From Hell' on Trial for 'Terrorizing' Residents

Jun 27th 2013 10:50PM Do that and you'll be charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (shod foot) or possibly attempted murder. No witnesses is another thing.

92-Year-Old's Offer to Buy Back Home Denied, Eviction Looms

Jun 23rd 2013 10:19PM Is it a durable power of attorney? Protective services should be involved. This is a very strange case. Perhpas we are not getting the full story.

Bruce Willis Lists Beverly Hills Home for $22 Million (House of the Day)

May 30th 2013 9:38PM And this is important why? The world needs to get a life.

Defuse the Situation Before Landlord-Tenant Disputes Get Ugly

May 24th 2013 1:40AM People carrying baseball bats and guns generally aren't the type to sit and use discussion to settle a disagreement.

Woman, 62, Adopted by Man, 85, Fights Eviction From His Apartment

May 10th 2013 8:22PM The reason they want to evict her isbecause the apartment will probably either rev ert to non-rent controlled or the apartment will continue rent controlled but at a higher rate, still below market rate.

Mabel Bobo, 88, Loses Home When Investor Buys It for $5,000

Mar 28th 2013 6:58AM As some commenters have mentioned, the "facts' in this story do not add up. Aside from that both her family and the nursing home bear responsibility for the harrassment she suffered. As a 30+ year veteran of working in the elder care industry I can safely say that many, many facilities would never have let one of their residents be harassed like that. It is abuse and most states have laws about that. The woman who persistantly visited her could be prosecuted. It is unbelievable that no one, family or facility staff, ever witnessed or overheard this woman interacting with the elderly lady. Some one seriously, and possibly criminally, dropped the ball.

Homeowner Susie Salazar Loses Insurance Policy Over Pit Bull

Mar 23rd 2013 5:34PM Insurance companies have a list of about 10 dogs they either refuse to insure or have very strict guidelings. Our German Shepherd was allowed because, although 95 pounds, she had been trained by a professional and the back yard was surrounded by a fence at least 4 feet high and the gate was kept locked.

Supposed 'Eco-Friendly' Homes Doubled Owners' Energy Bills

Feb 7th 2013 3:06PM If it's an all electric house (including heat) it's always going to be more expensive. And I thought $85 was a high electric bill!!

Squatter Andre Barbosa Lives in $2.5 Million House in Boca Raton for Free

Jan 25th 2013 12:40PM It seems to be a gated community. They must have an association and by-laws. If this situation isn't addressed directly in the by-laws the members should simply amend them to say that any one who doesn't own a property in the community can't live there without the express, written permission of the owner, which, in this case, would be Bank of America.

Houston Firefighters Miss Body in House Fire, Mom Finds Son Dead the Next Day

Dec 28th 2012 3:32PM So, it seems that there have been a lot of house fires lately? And that's because today's homes burn faster than ever? What kind of idiot logic is that? Unbelievable whom they let write these stories!!!!!


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