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Diana Ross and Jack White's Detroit High School Set for Demolition

Feb 19th 2011 6:01PM It's a shame when any town/city fails. The direction to take is to take down the building. I lived in Detroit in the late 60's and did enjoy it. Of course, we lived out in the suburbs and only went to the city to shop, etc. Time moves on in all areas of our lives. We cannot go back to the wonderful years of the past.

Baby Josie Duggar Celebrates First Birthday

Dec 15th 2010 3:11AM I love the Duggars. The children seem well adjusted, they are healthy and beautiful. HOWEVER, it is time to stop!!!! They have nineteen, Josh and Anna are expecting their second and Michell said she "hopes they're not finished." One more could be the end in more ways than one. Please go through menopause and quickly. They were on TV before there were 17. I wish the children would go to college and get an education. Being a mother without a means of income is ridiculous. Their husbands will not live forever.
Michelle has had enough medical problems in the past year without adding another pregnancy to it.

'Dancing With the Stars' Winner Jennifer Grey Undergoes Back Surgery

Dec 13th 2010 3:17PM Apparently you have never had back problems. I have degenerative Disk Disease which cannot be fixed surgically. About every six weeks I am prescribed a regimen of steroids. It is as though there is nothing wrong with me. I hope none of you critical people on here have to experience extreme pain.

Call Me, Seriously: Insider Says Hasselbeck 'Feels Used' By Palin

Dec 5th 2010 1:16PM You obnoxious stupid "people" who post stories about your boyfriends are using this site to promote your private causes. Get a life and get off of here. I report you every time. It seems as though AOL would get the message. As a Conservative Christian Republican, I would not support nor vote for Sarah Palin. If she could not serve the last two years as governor, how in the world would she be able to be president for four years. Her voice grates on my nerves. She's an upstart who is only out for her own glory. Go away and let someone more qualified take the limelight.

Michelle Obama Wears Gold Sheath to White House Holiday Decorations Event

Dec 3rd 2010 5:09AM I'm not pro Obama, that's for sure. Just to clear up one thing. The president provides all the food at the White House. The cooks just prepare it. I agree that the administration should stay out of our homes. Just because you keep a cupcake away from a child at school does not guarantee weight loss. Parents, get your children out of the house and let them do something physical. They can mow the yard, take a walk, help out a neighbor,etc. It is on the shoulders of the parents not the government. Neither of my boys was over weight. Keep your children moving, and have them do something constructive. When Obama quits smoking, then he can tell me how to run my house. I don't see him campaigning against a habit that kills 90,000 people a year from lung cancer 80-90% who were smokers. I, too, think Michelle's choice of clothing is not flattering. She needs a new mirror and a new designer.

'Dancing With the Stars' Winner: Who Won the Season 11 Finale?

Nov 24th 2010 2:50AM Jennifer is not a professional dancer. She was in one movie dancing a dance which was not of the genre on DWTS. She had not been proficient in ball room dancing, nor had she danced for years. I suppose she had shots of cordisone and pain killers in her back. Speaking from experience, this is a miracle drug rendering one pain free.

On the 'DWTS' Scene: Who Will Triumph in the 'Dancing With the Stars' Finale'?

Nov 23rd 2010 8:48PM How were you able too vote 100 times? It was probably people like you who jammed the lines. Shame on you!!!

On the 'DWTS' Scene: Who Will Triumph in the 'Dancing With the Stars' Finale'?

Nov 23rd 2010 8:41PM Stop dissing about Bristol. Do I think she should win? No!! She said her family would be talked about whether or not she was on the show, and she was right. She has more courage in her little finger than you hate mongers have in your whole bodies. I couldn't vote for Jennifer until 9:00 am this morning. I was very upset about the voting procedure. There was probably an overload of voters.

Big Offers Await Bristol Palin Following 'Dancing' Finale, Sources Say

Nov 23rd 2010 9:04AM She's preaching abstinence because SHE DOES NOT WANT OTHER GIRLS TO FALL INTO THE HANDS OF MEN who will convince them to have sex. I feel it's wonderful. It's no different than a former druggie or alcoholic taking a stand about their addictions.


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