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Cooking Spray - Unusual Uses

Jan 20th 2011 2:33PM WD-40 has dimethalsulfoxide (DMSO) in to make the oil penetrate. DMSO is a horse liniment and has not been approved for humans. The bad part is that it is used for taking medication through the skin. Trouble is that it take everything ON the skin INTO the skin. With WD-40 it take the oil into the body along with any sweat, dirt, germ, or other crap. WD-40 is not necessarily sterile. If you must use DMSO you can get it at the feed store (like I got mine). DMSO overused can destroy your liver. I use it when other stuff fails.

Ann Coulter Subject of Voter Fraud Probe

Feb 9th 2009 10:24AM Liberals are full of hate. Just look at the hate in their writting. No substance, just hate. Which one presented truth? Just venom. Can't debate the facts, attack the spelling. Ann presents facts, liberal talk about her hair, her femanenity, her eyes. Liberals are the problem not the solution. For every crime they comit, they point an accuseing finger at the opposition. Now attack my spelling...

Palin's $180,000 Wardrobe Stuffed in Trash Bags, Not Donated

Jan 28th 2009 2:35PM Have you ever noticed that, when democrats can't rebuff the position, they rebuff the messanger. They pick apart personal flaws such as, they can't spell, they are going bald, etc., but never discuff the merrits of becoming energy independant. They would destroy the economy (like now) rather than use that horrible oil. They had rather send $700,000,000,000.00 to a country who wants us dead than drill in ANWR. Palin scares them to death because she makes sense and has put criminal politicians in jail. Novel idea.


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