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Banning Bad Tippers - What Can I Get You Folks?

Mar 5th 2010 7:34AM Thats exactly what i was getting at, now you know longer have the choice of what to leave as a tip, the resturants will automaticly charge you for the waitresses or waiters service. So wrong!

Banning Bad Tippers - What Can I Get You Folks?

Mar 5th 2010 7:30AM If i am ordered to pay someone for a service then i don't eat there. I give very good tips when the service is good. If i get an idiot of a waitress or waiter they get very little i don't feel that i should pay for bad service or cold food. My money is paying for it not theres . If it should be so ordered that you must leave some kind of what ever for the service it should be up to the resturant to pay there employees. They are the cheap #@$% I know that for a fact my Daughter worked at a couple of them. Not only are they demanding they pay nothing like $2.00 an hour and hope you get tips. If you have the money to open a resturant then you should have the money to pay your help a decent wage. Come on when a meal per person is avergs about $13.00 and a drink is more, you know they are bringing in the big bucks.

Octomom's Bizarre Appearance on 'The View' (VIDEO)

Feb 27th 2010 11:33AM I swear It really bothers me how people find the time to pick on someone, give the women credit she is taking care of her children. The view is a joke. Let the perfect person cast the first stone. So she doesn't laugh like you or she didn't have the telepromters telling her what to say like the big wigs (Presidents OBAMA) tiger woods etc.

Jimmy Carter Leaves Church Over Treatment of Women

Jul 20th 2009 6:24PM yea let all the lesbian women preach..Hummm

Q: Why Do Dogs and Cats Eat Grass?

Jun 18th 2009 9:50AM I understand the concept of grass eating by dogs, but why does my boston terrier love to eat the clumps of wet cut grass from the lawn mower. He goes behind me while i'm cutting the lawn and starts eating like a cow. He is weird.

Girl Scouts shrink cookies, customers shrink sales

Feb 23rd 2009 10:01AM Well if you are just collecting money for a cause, then keep the cookies out of it.If you can't afford to make and ship the cookies then don't sell them. People are not going to buy a box of cookies for $7.00 with fewer cookies in the box. Boy scouts have done the same thing with the selling of Pop corn. $20.00 for a small tin. I can buy a box of micro wave popcorn for a dollar. Get a grip times are tuff and we can't afford to waste them on a small box of cookies.

Offensive New York Post 'Shoot The Monkey' Cartoon

Feb 19th 2009 7:42AM Its not racist, If it depicted an Elephant or some other kind of animal to make a statement that the stimulist plan was made up by somekind of idiot or jackass, not because your BLACK!. Then that would be ok, but since a chimp was used automaticly its racist. Please who ever is out there scanning every little iota needs to stop. Those type of people are the ones who are keeping the race thing going.

Don't even bother with the Circuit City sales

Jan 21st 2009 6:43AM How stupid, all stores do the same thing in pricing or they will raise the price up and then with the sale price its the same or a smidge lower. I laugh at all the people running into any store when its going out of buisness and they come out with baskets full. The only time you save is if its 80 or 90 pecent off and by then your selection to pick through is junk!

JCPenney: "We Don't Do African-American Hair"

Nov 26th 2008 2:57PM whats the big deal at least JCPENNEY was being honest. It would have been worse if they would have made an attempt to do her hair and then screwed it up. People need to get a life..

Bill O'Reilly Is Most Loved and Most Loathed

Nov 18th 2008 6:45AM Bill is a very smart and to the point man,,Thats the only reason he is disliked. Hes a great guy!


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