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DIY Disaster Doctor: Home Improvement "Break Through"

Apr 4th 2010 1:12PM I once did that with my boss and the custumer right below my dangling feet.

Meet Kyla Weber: Vince Vaughn's New Wife

get a life

Radio Jock Pushes Taylor Swift's Buttons

Sep 21st 2009 10:28PM M J is just another below average radio host who dosen't know how to conduct an interview. Instead of asking a question and letting the guest answer, he spends a few minutes asking a question and inposing his opinion, and basicly answering the question himself. When he doesen't get the answer he wants he asks it again and again. If he agrees that Kanya is the bad guy why is he harrassing Taylor. Very disrespectful Howard Stern wannabe.

Ellen DeGeneres can't dance -- legally, that is, say record labels in lawsuit

Sep 12th 2009 5:31PM How much money do the greedy Ellen show bastards want anyone? They know they are suppossed to pay a fee for it and chose to ignore it. I'm sure if on an episode of a ER for instance, if they showed a clip of the Ellen show, they would be contacting thier lawyers!

Stewie really, really wants to win an Emmy

Aug 20th 2009 8:49PM One of the funniest scenes? no wonder I don't watch it.

Republican leaders need more luxury jets for globe trotting vacations

Aug 8th 2009 6:14PM Maybe with congress's help and the addition of Mark Sanchez at QB the NY Jets will win another Super Bowl!

Obama Fried Madness in New York

Apr 6th 2009 10:42PM potts smith williams are actually white names.

Police haul HBO executive, husband off Delta Airlines flight

Jan 31st 2009 5:30PM Pretty simple, and everyone should know this. Your on their plane flying thousands of feet in the air, as nice as these attendents try to be, they are not your slaves. They can't have anyone on the plane in anyway disrupt the flight. They should have stayed home in front of their TV. when your that high up in a metal can DON'T &$*# WITH THE ATTENDENTS


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