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Big Purple: Jessica's Weight Loss Journey Began With A Swimsuit Pic

May 2nd 2011 3:33PM I hate stories like this. Weight, weight, weight. Just about everyone who IS fat, wants to lose weight or be LESS of themselves. What got them there in the first place doesn't really matter (that's called looking back on things you can't do anything about), but what's going on RIGHT NOW in one's life IS something a person can do something about. Taking a good look at how you are and what you feel like is a big deal; it's like looking from the inside (and then) out. The body is a MECHANISM. When the mechanism doesn't work as well as we'd like or we notice it more, then something needs to be done about it. This woman did something about it, and it seems successfully, but there's something MISSING in this story. I don't know what it is, but she left something out, and that's what bugs me about it. Aside from my personal differences about ppl who come over to Santa Cruz and spend the day or decide to move here and spend their lives (that's what's happened to SC--ppl from "over the hill" came over here and bought houses and corrupted the very VIBE of the place to its detriment, and pushed locals OUT), she needs to put a phrase in or two that really describes who she is (rather than BIG PURPLE or THAT BIG PURPLE THING LOLLING AROUND ON THE BEACH--yuk!!!!!), so we can feel something for her.

The Best Handmade Holiday Gift I Ever Received

Dec 18th 2010 4:54AM That was a lovely story, and the throw is still really beautiful, yes. I have some things my mother crocheted (she quilted, too, and I'm starting to get into quilting) and I just got one out of storage that I'd put away. I went over it carefully, just looking at mini holes that I should repair, but mainly, I just held it close to me and smelled it and tried to remember it thrown across the couch when I was a toddler (I've seen pictures). The colors aren't my fav., but I love it. I still have two quilt tops of hers that I need to see to fruition. I have GOT to start quilting. Your story is inspiring--I'm so glad they posted it on AOL. Blessings to you!

Kym Johnson of 'Dancing With the Stars' Shares Her Backstage Beauty Secrets

Dec 12th 2010 9:37PM I think Kym is very sexy and v e r y cool.

'A Charlie Brown Christmas': Celebrating 45 Years of the Classic Holiday Special

Dec 12th 2010 8:20PM D is for Doghouse or Dog (snoopy).

Brandy and Maks Still Coming to Terms With Shocking 'Dancing With the Stars' Elimination (VIDEO)

Nov 17th 2010 2:53PM The show has always BEEN a popularity contest. If a person is a good dancer, like Jenifer, then ppl might vote for her, based on the fact that they want to see her dance again. Derek Hough is a VERY popular dance partner, and is POPULAR w/many ppl (men and women) so, that's a factor, too. But the Palin thing is not only unfair, it's utterly BORING. Having "Mama Grizz" on the show a few times was unfair and it's just ridiculous. It's really just ridiculous--the whole thing. This is the WORST season EVER and there's been a few duds. I'm not a Brandy fan, but she clearly is the better dancer and Palin is only on b/c of the name, sure. It's a political thing. Some ask why even have the judges. Well, b/c that's how it's done--the "experts" are there to guide and to give their "professional" opinion and then ppl call in for their favs. That's all. Sure, it was really weird seeing Brandy go. She's easy to watch, and it's a drag that she can't go into the finals. Seems like Palin...would be so embarassed that she wouldn't even want to go on. Oh well. Such is life.

'The Twisted Sisterhood' -- The Dark Side of Female Friendship Explored

Oct 25th 2010 7:20PM There are many books written about mother-daugher relationships. There is one therapist I know of who deals specifically w/this matter. Her name is May Wolff. She has a video. Google her.

'The Twisted Sisterhood' -- The Dark Side of Female Friendship Explored

Oct 25th 2010 7:17PM Though we all know there are "good" and "bad" ppl in the World, the author is talking about women and their relationships together--the rel'ships that women HAVE w/one another and pack mentality w/women, specifically. I've often wondered what it is about women that makes us hate each other. I've gone through my life (in my 50's) having great F friendships, having women who were jealous of me (for whatever reasons) and women who simply just did not want to be my friend, even though I wanted to be theirs (again, for whatever their reasons were and are) AND women who betrayed me. The latter was the most recent, my husband having been unfaithful. When I contacted "her" she made it clear that there was no way she was going to give him up. That said, the question I wonder about is WHY. Why would a woman give up her integrity to be w/a man who is cheating on his very long-term wife, knowing that they are trying to work it out. That's got to be a rhetorical question, since there is no answer. I think if EVERYONE in the World acted w/integrity and foresight and RESPECT, things would be very very different (indeed!) but ppl are never going to be that way. We are all too complicated and too controlling to take a look at how anyone else feels or what really is the situation that's going on. The author really makes a point in her early-on asessment of how women treat each other (RE the fraternity rape); we all know that men are different creatures (human, and yet we wonder...) and respond, relate, react and communicate about things differently than women do on a whole, but I think we (still) expect women to be different to us; to treat us differently--perhaps b/c we think of all women as extensions of ourselves and we know how we treat others and so we want to be treated as thus. It is a conundrum and a societal dilemma. Above all, it's really very sad.

Brad Womack Might Be 'The Bachelor' ... Again

Sep 22nd 2010 6:00PM OH GOD NO not Brad. ABC please PLEASE don't do it. Just DON'T have him back as the Bachelor. Don't. It won't even make a great show. Choose another guy to make a "sensation" this guy already did.

What to Leave for Your Pet Sitter

Sep 2nd 2010 6:35PM I've traveled w/my cats in a vehicle (how fun to take 5 cats from CA to WA in a rented Suburban around Xmas time!) and taken them on air flights and had someone(s) come in and take care of them and have boarded them (at the vet's). NOTHING beats going somewhere and taking my babies. I love my cats so much and they do really well traveling. I know that they are happier being w/me than w/out me, as I am w/them. The art is finding a partner who feels the same way that you do about it all. HE says "the idea is to GET AWAY, not take it w/us!" He has a point, but life is so much better WITH them than w/out them. Honestly.

10 Videos of Gigantic Bubbles!

Aug 20th 2010 3:34PM
"I'm forever blowing bubbles, pretty bubbles in the air..." And it's true. I always keep one of those tiny bubble bottles in the car and I have a victorian bubble bottle (that one can wear around the neck) that I keep in my purse. Blowing bubbles is better than getting angry (at another person), whether in the car in traffic, or just hanging around. When yer blowing bubbles, ppl seldom take offense or become angry; it changes the vibe of the situation. Bubbles are so benign. Wonderful!


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