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Tips for flying cheaper in 2012

Feb 10th 2012 10:00AM What is this about #7 and 'partial refund' ? Can you no longer get a 100% refund via an MCO for an unused portion of your flight ? MCO = miscellaneous charges order and can be -or were- issued to any IATA carrier, good for transportation by air, bus, on any other IATA member. They are - or were - especially beneficial when you are using a ticket written by someone else... like your employer. If you turn in the ticket for credit, the airline will refund to whoever paid for the ticket, like your employer. But if you exchange the unused ticket for an MCO, it is issued to the ticket holder and can be used as payment for future transportation. I had a college buddy who made a summer job of taking job interviews in distant cities where the interviewing firm paid the expenses (those were the days!) and he altered his destinations en route and kept the difference in future air tickets. And additionally, he got round trip tickets from home, for 3 interviews a week, but then changed destinations mid-flight, Each firm bought him RT tickets, so he made out quite well as a summer job, essentially getting paid to travel. But then, his skill was in demand and he could do that. I later worked with another world-class sneak who would travel on the company's tab to jobsites around the world, taking a first-class ticket. (It was policy that if we traveled more than 8 hours, we could go first class - those were the days !). So he would get his ticket first-class and then, since the employer paid for ticket he couldn't get a refund in cash, he would fly coach class and get an MCO for the difference, which at the time was 2X - 3X the cost of coach. He'd spend the MCO paying for flights to vacation destinations on the way back. Anyone know if MCOs are still available ?

Bride Sues Groom for Leaving Her at the Altar -- To the Tune of $95K

Dec 16th 2010 4:42PM " ... That's after the dress is paid for in full, the venue is paid in full, the florist has received the shipments of flowers, the baker has molded the gum-paste flowers, the guests have booked their hotel rooms -- the point at which the absolute most amount of money that could be spent was spent without hope of recovery."

Wait. None of this he contracted for, either. And, if he is a typical guy, he probably didn't really want. Of course, if he watched her go wild on this much money, voultarily, on her own whim, perhaps he is not the typical guy. Yes it is inconsiderate to wait. But if she ran up a bill of $95K of her own money, I would wonder what she wanted out of this wedding in addition to me. And I would be seriously doubtful if I wanted to live this kind of narcissistic ego forever. And I bet he discovered more of the excess as the date got closer, and she got testier and stressed out. And he finally saw the light.
Or was all this exce$$ on the cuff, expecting HIM to "share" the bills due after.
they were M&W.
Either way, it looks like she caused this herself and has no one to blame except possibly his reluctance to face the facts and pull the plug sooner.

Look of the Day - Sara Rue

Aug 23rd 2010 11:00PM ".... Teamed with Christian Louboutin platform patent pumps and a chic handbag, Rue takes a playful print and adds ladylike accessories to complete the look. "

COMPLETE THE LOOK ?? What look ? Except for the heels, it looks like she is headed for a quick trip to WalMart. And it would help if she listened to mother and stood up straight instead of slouching like an awkward teen. Ah, but everyone does that when they're standing in front of the Tyvek Housewrap backdrop and someone points a cameral and yells.

Oh, and then there's the dress. Yes, well others have said it better.
Oh, wait !! But of course, she found the fabric in WalMart. Or JoAnn's ?

Do You Really Know When You're Full?

Aug 10th 2010 9:53PM So, 'How DO you know when you're really full ?" Did this little blurb actually mention how ? No. I wish the buttholes who write the misleading, inaccurate captions to these articles would actually look at them slamming off a caption. That, and the dorky & largely irrelevant stock photos from Getty Images could be readily canned.

Armstrong Would Be Biggest Fraud of All

Jul 23rd 2010 7:59AM Does anyone find it ironic that Lancie insists he didn't use performance-enhancing drugs .... and then signed on as a commercial shill to promote performance-enhancing stimulants ?

The Decision Is In: ESPN Guilty of Hype

Jul 9th 2010 3:11PM NOOOO !!! Really ?? Sports is entertainment ?? WHO, I mean like, WHO would have guessed.
Chrissake. Of COURSE (!!) sports is entertainment !! Did you REALLY think it was something more ?
And professional sports is all about selling Chevrolets and Budweiser to guys who watch them on TV. And TV is buying show time from the owners to being in guys to watch and selling ad time to Bud and Chevvy for bringing in the audience.
There is nothing more to sports. So ESPN is, yes Entertainment !! And hyping some basketball player will be super-hyped if the yahoos who watch find it entertaining.
It's ALL about entertainment, just like the name says. Quit whining.

At 78, Do You Still Buy Eastwood as an Unstoppable Badass?

Jun 18th 2010 3:50PM "In the past, Iíve liked Clintís movies, but this one was vile from so many different angles, I seriously urge others not to see it."

Any chance that in fact this is just another of the same Clint movies ... but by now you've grown to appreciate them for what they are... or aren't ? So maybe this one isn't any worse (or better) than the many Clint cut-outs before, just you've grown to appreciate better. I watched a batch one night ( in a bar...I had no choice ) and there were three in a row that were the same film... just different sets and costumes.... well almost different, as Clint wore the same hat and black bandana in each. Same plot, some of the same people, different costumes and sets. Basically, Eastwood has largely made the same film many times. Like Woody Allen. So maybe this film remains just basic Clint, and it's you who's grown up.

Worst Case Travel Scenarios

Apr 9th 2010 3:33PM Keep in mind there is a difference between the Embassy and the Consulate. The office to contact is your country's consulate. A consulate is there to serve the citizens of country.
The Embassy represents the governmental and is the delegation to the host country's government. They serve different functions. They may share facilities, but the two do distinctly different jobs.

The consulate represents/serves the citizens and businesses in the guest country.
The embassy represents the government
For US citizens, they are both functions of the US Dept. of State, but do different jobs.

So contact the consulate first.

Four ways to safeguard your camera

Mar 30th 2010 9:22PM Hey, if you're such a hotshot photographer with such hi-tech equipment, what in hell are you doing handing your camera to someone else to take a photo of ... YOU ?? Besides, who wants to look at YOU in front of....xx ? Why not just take the shot of X and leave yourself out of it ? And if you're so worried about how YOU are going to look, take a photo of yourself somewhere else rather than impose on a passerby to do the work for you. If you want to impose on someone else to shoot YOU, then you take what you get. Beggars can't be choosers. And if you got a camera that is so good that you think it's real important to impose on only the RIGHT kind of photo-talented stranger, you should be using all that hi-tech stuff to take decent photos yourself and not annoying your neighbors.
C'mon, like Khruschev said to Nixon when a photog covering the kitchen debates fell into a manure pit; "Don't worry. That's where they belong." He was right.
Everyone is supposed to wait while a photog takes his or her photo as if the shooter has more rights than the rest. Push 'em all into the manure pit, I say.

Hitchhiker's Requiem

Mar 29th 2010 5:12PM I worked in Argentina for 4 months in '81. Had a co-provided car (Renault 12, as I recall) and travelled as much as I could. Made it a practice to pick up all hitchhikers... partly to use as translators and partly to get info on what to do / where to go in the areas I visited. Have many happy experiences and memories from that... esp as I was learning Spanish on-the-fly, word at a time as I needed it, and butchering the grammar. Found restaurants, got help with a car problem from the brother of a hitchhiker who was a priest, found places to stay, got referred to things to do, got invited to dinner with family of kids I picked up.... Great stories from all those I met. Sadly, everybody in the US "knows" that you shouldn't hitch in the US.


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